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Outside the chain of the importance of the construction of the site, I do not have to say that more, we also understand that the construction of the chain is also a variety of ways, there is a directory, there are blog link, there is a question and answer platform to put links, but also write soft text to earn the chain, in short, all kinds of, of course, here I think the crash is to buy links this method. Buy links can let us in the short term to get a higher weight, so as to enhance the site and keyword rankings, but also let us improve the search rate, but we also do not want to buy links as a panacea, because opportunities and risks are often at the same time, especially today's search engine spam technology more and more strong Link purchase will become more and more difficult to do, but as long as the mastery of certain skills, link purchase for the construction of the chain is still a certain benefit.

  One focus on the link itself "hardware level"

1. Pay attention to Baidu included, not to be serious about PR

Since it is money to do business, the webmaster naturally to buy links of high quality, then how to evaluate the quality of the link? The site is a good reference point, but there is another problem, that is, Baidu and Google who is more reliable reference? Sometimes we will encounter a more tangled problem, that is a website PR high, But the site's Baidu included not many,



What should we choose at this time? In fact, Google to withdraw from the Chinese market that moment, we can put the PR of the "price" put lower, because in the Chinese internet market, Baidu accounted for more than 80 of the share, so we buy the link, Baidu's reference more constructive comments.

PS: Personal advice to everyone in the new station, do not have to chase those high PR value of the link, because the search engine itself is also more important to the development process of the site, so the purchase of PR value in about 3 of the site links to their own site to help more, more practical.

2. Note the number of exported links

Before the A5 on the see a lot of webmaster will advise you to exchange friends when the chain should pay special attention to export the number of links, because the export link once more than 40, the search engine will default to your site in cheating, will punish their own site, and from another aspect, the number of links exported and the PR output value, The more export links, then your link to get the PR transfer value will also be reduced, which also and buy links to quickly improve the PR of the purpose is contrary.

two focus on ancillary issues arising from purchase links

1. Link purchase should pay attention to the relevance of the site

Before the author said, link purchase is also a way to build a chain of outside, since it is to do outside the chain construction, it is necessary to follow the core of the construction of the chain, pay attention to the relevance of the link, and this relevance we just understand as peers, so it is plain, for content-related, site types RELATED LINKS we can buy, For example, I do clothing website, then I can buy the link of the shoe Bag website, these are all OK.

2. Concern about the knock-on effects of links

We all know that since last year Baidu for the algorithm update, the link effect is seen more and more heavy. If your site has a problem with your neighbor, then your site will certainly be punished, or a snapshot delay or down the right, or even the possibility of K station. So in the purchase of links, we have to use the corresponding tools (Love station, Webmaster's home has the corresponding toolbar) to check the site with the IP of other sites are suspected of cheating or other possible punishment risk, once found that the purchase of the link has this risk, immediately withdraw its cooperation.

3. Purchase links also pay attention to the visibility of the release platform

In fact, before I do the website, on the A5 has purchased a link, because we all know A5 audit more stringent, readable general articles will be returned, and their own writing is not very good, so simply on the A5 purchase links, the advantage is that they can write articles to leave a link, and then easily through, Of course I say this is not to say A5 to buy the link thing, I'm just reminding you to buy the link when we also pay attention to the authority of the site, is because A5 in the Chinese webmaster industry enjoys a high reputation, as long as the article through will get a considerable number of clicks and reprint, for the outside chain construction is very favorable, For search engines, your links can appear in such a large site, will also improve a lot of search engine friendliness, so I will spend money on this, so you must pay attention to the purchase of links to the platform's visibility, so as not to effect bad, but also to compensate for money.

three correct links for "use" Purchase

1. During the purchase of links to increase the content of the site update

Outside the chain for the Emperor's Truth who understand, search engines also understand, if a site in the short term to obtain a lot of high-quality outside the chain, then the spider will increase the content of the site audit, site internal links to the three-dimensional audit, if the audit process found inside the site and there is no greater than the changes and updates, then the site itself will be dubbed " Buy and sell links "of the charges, which led to the right to fall.

2. Link purchase also need to grasp the rhythm

As I have said before, if the site in a short period of access to a large number of links, search engines will immediately increase the audit of the site, if the site weight is lower, or soon will not be down right, of course, this is why some of the webmaster purchase links effective, some webmaster purchase links on the main reasons for the sad, So in the purchase of links when we also pay attention to link purchase rhythm, must not because a forum "one-time purchase dozens of link discount" advertising and a wide range of replacement links, so the attack on the site is very huge.

In fact, if the site is now in the development of the bottleneck period, the appropriate purchase links will allow us to get rid of the plight of the site as soon as possible, the development of the site also has a certain positive significance. This article by the Taobao Brush drilling http://www.shuake5.com Writing, welcome to reprint, but please keep the link, thank you.

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