SPI Learning (SPI bus read/write flash)

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(1) w25x16/32/64: 256-Bytes/Page (PAGE), 4k-bytes/sector (sector), 64k-bytes/block (Block)

W25x16: 16m-bit (2m-byte) | w25x32: 32m-bit (4m-byte) | w25x64: 64m-bit (8m-byte)

(2) SPI supports single or Dual Output: four pins clock, chip select, data I/O, data out

(3) data transmission rate support: up to m-bits/s clock can only reach 75 MHz

(4) supports three-way erasure modes: Sector erasure, block erasure, and whole Chip erasure.

(5) 256 Bytes/Page programming <2 ms 100000 erasure/Write cycles can be reused

(6) Write protection:

• Device resets when VCC is below threshold. device reset
• Time Delay write disable after power-up. Delay Time after power-on
• Write enable/disable instructions. Command
• Automatic write disable after program and erase. After programming or erasing
• Software write Protection Using Status Register. set through the Status Register software
• Hardware write Protection Using Status Register and/WP pin. Set Through Status Register and pin hardware
• Write protection using power-down instruction. Using the power down Command will also enable write Protection


SPI mode: output of rising and falling Edges

Mode 0: low when the CLK signal is idle
Mode 3: high when the CLK signal is idle


SPI Learning (SPI bus read/write flash)

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