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In the process of doing SEO every seoer will inevitably do search engine spider crawling log analysis, a lot of friends just look at the number of spiders visit but ignore the spider's status code. Some friends are confused, what is the use of spider State Code? What does it say about 304?

 Search Engine "The" is not able to avoid

Suppose on your website is about "How To do SEO optimization" article, is to help users do a good job of the site SEO optimization of various articles. If the reader after the first reading and all mastered this knowledge and then one or two times to find no article updates, then the reader will be the frequency of your site to reduce.

From the above example we can see that the reader needs new knowledge (this is the user's needs), then if the reader in Baidu search "How To do SEO optimization," If Baidu is always recommend your site to the reader can imagine what will happen?-the reader does not believe that this knowledge satisfies his needs, Thus replacing the search engine makes Baidu user churn. As a result, search engines make a mark on each site from the user's point of view: The latest article is labeled 200, if the second spider comes to discover your article no changes will be marked as 304.

What is spider status code 304?

From the analysis above, it is noted that the last time a spider accesses a page that is not updated between this visit is labeled 304 code. As shown in the following illustration:


Spider Status code 304 on SEO three fatal effects

1, the site snapshot stop update: The site has not been updated, the search engine of course will not update you!

2, the site is included in the reduction of articles are not included: No updates, which articles included!

3, the Website weight drop: User Experience degree is bad, weight how to come!

How to solve the spider state appears 304

1, home Eliminate 304

The homepage needs to have the updated column, the daily updated article, below takes the http://www.gypfb.com/website as an example to illustrate the following figure:


2, section page to eliminate 304

For stationmaster, dare not guarantee each column updates an article every day, especially have dozens of columns of station, but these places have we want to rank the key words, then how should do? The following is an example of the http://www.gypfb.com/Web site, as shown below. Put a popular click on the article, invoke the most frequently clicked article):


3, content page to eliminate 304

Relative to the section page, content page update frequency is lower. Then we can also like the column page, make a call to the Hot article module (or call the latest article on the page of the module), the following http://www.gypfb.com/Web site as an example to illustrate, the following figure:


Do the above, certainly not 304?

Of course not, if you call the module update frequency is lower than the frequency of the spider visit then there will be 304 code, but do the above Baidu Spider return 304 code will be reduced by more than 90%.

This is the solution to the Spider state return 304 of some experience to share, of course this is required you to set the server cache is No-cache case, about the settings can read this article, if you are space then need to contact space quotient to set.


Do SEO is a lasting battle, do these settings, just the equivalent of the battlefield we dug a trench, build a fortress. This does not mean that you will win the war, only insist + action to achieve the final victory.

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