SpiderMonkey Simple Demo

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#define STATIC_JS_API 1#ifdef js_threadsafe#undef js_threadsafe#endif#include <iostream> #include "jsapi.h" Using namespace js;/* spidermonkey1.runtime2.context3.global object*/static jsclass globalclass = {"Global", JSCLASS_GL Obal_flags, Js_propertystub, Js_deletepropertystub, Js_propertystub, Js_strictpropertystub, JS_EnumerateStu B, Js_resolvestub, Js_convertstub, nullptr,nullptr,nullptr,nullptr, nullptr,//js_globalobjecttracehook};/*/--- ------------static Jsfunctionspec myjs_global_functions[] = {JS_FS ("Rand", Myjs_rand, 0, 0), Js_fs ("Srand", my Js_srand, 0, 0), Js_fs ("System", Myjs_system, 1, 0), js_fs_end};*///------------------------------//The error repo Rter callback.void reportError (jscontext *cx, const char *message, Jserrorreport *report) {fprintf (stderr, "%s:%u:%s\ N ", Report->filename? Report->filename: "[no filename]", (unsigned int) report->lineno, message);} int Run (JSCOntext *cx) {//Enter a request before running anything in the context.    Jsautorequest ar (CX);    Create the global object and a new compartment.    Rootedobject Global (CX);    Global = Js_newglobalobject (CX, &globalclass, nullptr, JS::D ontfireonnewglobalhook);    if (!global) return 1;    Enter the new Global object ' s compartment.    Jsautocompartment AC (CX, Global);    Populate the global object with the standard Globals, like object and//Array. if (!    Js_initstandardclasses (CX, Global)) return 1; Your application code here.  This could include JSAPI calls to create your//own custom JS objects and run scripts. #if 1 char* script = "var today = Date ();    Today.tostring (); ";    Jsval Rval;    UINT Lineno = 0; bool OK = js_evaluatescript (CX, Global,//the scope in which to execute the script.             This parameter are//documented in detail at Js_executescript. Script, StrleN (script),//---------------"script",//Name of the file or URL containing the script.            Used to report filename or//URL in error messages. Lineno,//line number.            Used to report the offending line in the file or URL if//an error occurs. ---------------&rval//out parameter.            On success, if Rval was not NULL, *rval receives the//result value.                             );   jsstring* str = js_valuetosource (CX, rval);        size_t Str_len = js_getstringlength (str);    Const jschar* p = js_getstringcharsandlength (cx,str,&str_len); char*pp = js_encodestring (CX,STR);    fprintf (stderr, "%s\n", pp);                    Js_free (CX,PP); #endif//free (PP); return 0;}    int main (int argc, const char *argv[]) {//Initialize the JS engine. if (!    Js_init ()) return 1;    Create a JS runtime.    Jsruntime *rt = js_newruntime (8L * 1024L * 1024l,js_use_helper_threads);    if (!RT) return 1; //Create a context.    Jscontext *cx = Js_newcontext (RT, 8192);    if (!CX) return 1;    Js_seterrorreporter (CX, &reporterror);    int status = Run (CX);    Shut everything down.    Js_destroycontext (CX);    Js_destroyruntime (RT);    Js_shutdown (); return status;}

SpiderMonkey Simple Demo

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