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Great hope makes great man.


Many of my game programming experiences have been learned from the "Essence of game programming" series, with such a preface.

"The series aims to encourage game developers to share their knowledge with you. Open Standards and Code form a solid foundation for game developers to share their experiences and improve their work. As professionals, what we create should be liked by the public, rather than confined to a small circle that thinks it is an inner. We hope that readers can save their time by learning the skills in books and be deeply encouraged to devote themselves to this undertaking to create more novel and interesting games ."

These words make me think about it. When I am young, my volunteers are "smooth and smooth", and time is worn out. There is a saying in China that "The Church apprentice, The starved master", shows how deep-rooted unwilling to share. I can only say that I want to be a frank and sharing person. At least this is an idea I had when I was a teenager.

I am generally prepared to write something on a single topic and gradually express my experiences and experiences in game development over the past few years.
Preliminary drafting:
1) Game Scheduler
2) Entity Manager
3) FSM
4) FSM tree
5) Clock
6) NPC intelligence
7) Genetic Algorithm
8) Neural Networks
9) multi-core programming in the game
We are going to complete these nine topics by March. Of course the content will change, but it is also certain that the content of these nine topics is mandatory.

In addition, I have never mentioned that I am a Silverlight Game developer. In fact, many times I have ignored this. Because I want to complete my work at a more abstract level, it will make my work easier. But at the same time: No matter what abstraction you make, you will eventually give the player a terminal representation, or install the client, Flash, JavaFX, or ..... silverlight: Game abstraction is equally important to the specific implementation of the game. It is difficult to accept the story at the abstract level. I used to read a lot of books, and my mind is full of concepts, but I still cannot do anything. I will try my best to reflect abstract concepts and ideas with a specific Demo. Of course, the only way to go deeper is to do it by yourself.

After more than a month of kaibo, I wrote something for myself. Here I started to write something for other friends. I hope everyone will encourage me and write some of my thoughts. One person is short and two others are wise.

In fact, all these triggers are the chat with Mu yesterday. We are going to have a technical exchange at Tuesday's regular meeting. Thanks to Mu.

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