Spit out The Bitter

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Today, Saturday, was the great god of BC abuse of the appearance, the direct explosion of 0. Good sad, so to spit out the bitter, really no one can talk, because do not want to put their negative feelings to other people, may own this little emotion in others seem really not what, moreover oneself all already is such a big person, Really feel a lot of things I have to bear on one person;

From a freshman summer vacation to now has been 9 months, almost is my time to engage in ACM, but really feel that learning a little something is the beginning of this semester to this month. Sophomore encountered a variety of problems, all day stupefied, unconsciously a semester so passed, a semester of the results are not too good, There are a few credit lessons like theoretical mechanics these only test the 80+, dragged my credit performance, and sophomore basic not how to brush problem learning algorithm, their level still stay in the CF AB, put the winter vacation said to study a few days, so in the school has been until more than 10 to go home, And those days to see the basis of the graph theory after going home after playing for more than 10 days and forget all the light;

Good at home, from the beginning of the school every night to sleep, lying in bed think of themselves this day, as if nothing learned, class often run God sleepy, every day of the problem are brush not move, a person looks very simple problem I always left to think of the right to think of the solution, on the one hand is a lot of their foundation is not all, There is too little brush problem, a long time before the provincial race to select me and teammates only do 4 water problems, the difficulty of a not a drop, sometimes brush the question when it is really my IQ limit ah ah ah ah, and often late to sleep, so every day feel very tired very tired;

Originally freshman Summer camp when there is a classmate of my old high school, and finally he retired team, I am now almost alone in the death struggle; I knew I had to pull a few familiar people together, and now even a teammate did not; (Here I remember I'm an introvert and don't like to deal with people, Good shame);

Write and do not know what they say, forget, write in the heart is more comfortable, continue to give the road to the great gods as cannon fodder;

Actually want to say, persist, because in addition to do this I really do not know what to do, and do not play games, and no sister, do not engage in ACM what can be done?


Spit out The Bitter

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