Spoon Kettle Connection Database failure workaround

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Driver class ' Oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver ' could not being found, make sure the ' Oracle ' Driver (JAR file) is installed.

Just downloaded spoon, ready to write a simple sample test, log in to the database encountered this error, see the error description is unable to find the corresponding Oracle driver, if you install Oracle, then local can find the required driver. Search for "jdbc", usually tangible like ojdbc5.jar,ojdbc5_g.jar files

Ojdbc5.jar (1,996,228 bytes)-Class for JDK 1.5. It contains the JDBC driver class, but does not include the NLS-supported classes in Oracle Object and Collection types.
Ojdbc5_g.jar (3,081,328 bytes)-like Ojdbc5.jar, except that the class is compiled with "Javac-g" and contains trace code.

Specific instructions can refer to Oralce official website description: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/cn/articles/oem/jdbc-112010-094555-zhs.html

My way is to put the local found Ojdbc.jar files under the Data-integration\libswt\win32, of course, can also be placed in Data-integration\lib and other programs can be found in the location, you can also modify the system environment variables, So that the driver can be found

Remember, to restart spoon, or no matter how you toss, will be an error

Spoon Kettle Connection Database failure workaround

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