Spreadjs full support for angular2,v10.2 release coming soon

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recently, the pure front-end Table control Spreadjs released the latest CTP version , support for Angular2 and some bug fixes were added in this release.

Spreadjs The pure front-end Table control is a HTML5-based JAVASCRIPT spreadsheet and Grid feature control that provides complete formula engine, sorting, filtering, input controls, data visualization, Excel import/export, etc. for online editing classes for. NET, Java, and mobile platforms. Excel features a tabular program development.

Angular2 is a complete front-end framework for building development platforms for mobile applications and desktop WEB applications. Compared to AngularJS, ANGULAR2 is a fully rewritten version and is incompatible with AngularJS. ANGULAR2 is implemented based on the ES6 TypeScript extension, which adds native mobile support for IOS and Android, and only one dependency injection in Angular2, which can be implemented in different levels of the component tree by type injection in the constructor. There are different implementations for the same type.

Spreadjs's support for ANGULAR2, the current Popular Front-end framework, shows that Spreadjs always stands at the forefront of technology, providing users with the latest and most comprehensive technology to help them develop a faster and more flexible form for online editing of Excel functions.

The integration of Spreadjs in ANGULAR2 takes only four steps:

    • first, SpreadJS The relevant documents of the ANGULAR2 are added to the project.

    • Second, modify the App.module.ts file to introduce the relevant module of SPREADJS into the project.

    • Again, modify the App.component.ts file. Constructs the Spreadjs template and binds some properties and events of Spreadjs to the template through object binding.

    • Finally, under the project path, use the command line to enter the "npm start" command to restart.

For detailed procedures, please refer to the following blog


Spreadjs V10.2 version will be released soon, more and better features in the new version, please look forward to!

Login Spreadjs official website , learn more.

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Spreadjs full support for angular2,v10.2 release coming soon

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