Spring Add XML File Auto Prompt method in MyEclipse

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   in the look at SSH three framework integration, when adding springapplicationcontext.xml, will pop up a dialog box, developers can choose their own development from the box of XML files, Baidu a lot, always do not understand, do not know how to do, According to the article found, and can not make any results, these articles are too advanced, for just engaged in development, if there are detailed steps and detailed description of the good, no way 1.1 points of the test is finally out, here to everyone, hope to use MyEclipse study three framework of people a little help;
First entry: XML->xml Catalog, Editors, MyEclipse, Windows-Preference
Select: Select "User Specified Entries", click "Add ..." button, then select the [. xsd] file in the Spring Schema folder you downloaded
Fill in:
URI: Please select the spring_home\dist\resources\spring-beans-2.0.xsd file on the local file system
Key Type: Select schema location
Click OK, this process can be repeated several times until you think the files you need in the schema are all added.
How do I add spring to my project and then choose the XML file I need?Project Right click on the Select Dropdown myeclipse, and then select Add spring capabilities on it, this time will automatically add an item in the project, and then automatically in the corresponding source folder under the new
A applicationcontext.xml, delete this applicationcontext, then right-click the source folder, select New, select Other, and then enter spring in the popup dialog box to find the spring Bean Confinition,
Click, last next, set in the next popup dialog (the default is set, no need to set), then next, and then in the dialog box that pops up, you can choose the XSD you want, which is very simple until finish.people who do not understand can follow the above steps first, and when you are done, you will understand, perhaps the above words with the myeclipse and you use some small differences, but does not affect;

Spring Add XML File Auto Prompt method in MyEclipse

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