Spring Basic concepts and theories

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First, what is spring

Spring is an excellent open source framework, a lightweight development framework that is emerging over the years to address the complexities of enterprise application development. is a lightweight IOC, AOP framework that can be used in conjunction with struts, hibernate or SPRINGMVC, MyBatis, or alone. second, spring's important theoretical concept 1. Control reversal----IoC control inversion (inversion of controls) the application itself is not responsible for the creation and maintenance of dependent objects, but is managed by external applications. Thus, the control is transferred from the application itself to the external container, and the transfer of this control right is controlled inversion. 2. Dependency Injection----DI Dependency Injection (Dependency injection) refers to the dynamic injection of dependent objects into the component by an external container during runtime. 3. Aspect-oriented programming----AOP aspect-oriented programming (Aspect oriented programming) enables developers to develop cohesive applications by separating the business logic of the application from system-level services such as logging, transaction management, auditing, and so on. Apps only implement what they should do----complete business logic, that's all. is not responsible for other systems ' concerns, such as log or object support. third, the advantage of using Spring 1, reduce the coupling between the system, to achieve the decoupling of the software Layer 2, no intrusion 3, AOP can be more easily extended function ....

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