Spring boot configuration file rules and how to use official document lookups and the official document lookup method for spring projects

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For example, to use spring boot to achieve a function, the most direct way is Google, but often search out of the mess, the key is chaos in different versions, such as the 1.x version and 2.x version of the configuration is not the same. The most obvious difference is that when you use the Thymeleaf template, the difference between the versions is that the bean is injected differently, and so on.

To solve the above problem, the most direct way is to find the clues through Google and then to the official website of the tutorial documents to find solutions, the official documents are the most correct.

First, for example, how many configuration items to search for the applications.properties file in spring boot:

1. Login website


2. Enter the document entrance

3. Search Spring Boot

4. Select which version of the document to view

5. Enter the document

For example, the current version is 1.5.7.RELEASE


6, such as now to find the configuration file entries, then you can search the configuration file, you can use chrome to translate the whole into Chinese.

Finally found this item:


7. By looking in this way, you can know what configuration items are available.

Ii. ways to find help documents for spring MVC projects

The first step is to find that spring MVC is not found on the 3rd stage.

In fact, Spring MVC, which belongs to the sub-project, is included in the Spring-framework project, named Spring-webmvc.

So searching for the spring framework is required to search for:

Final access to the 4.2.9.RELEASE version of the Help document:


Third, when the above URL does not appear on the desired version, you can modify the above URL form to query, such as the following to query the 4.1.6.RELEASE version of the document:


However, for why the official does not provide the old version of the document portal, should be for the new version of the bug fix the most perfect, and on the minor version number of the upgrade, will not subvert a large functional change, can be said to be seamless upgrade.

Spring Boot profile rules and how to use official document lookups and Official document lookups for spring projects

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