Spring Boot (i) Hello world

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Spring boot fits with microservices, facilitates rapid development, simplifies configuration (contract > configuration). Preparatory work:
    • Springboot 2.0
    • Jdk8
    • Idea or eclipse+spring Tool suits
Create a project What did not say, see link: http://tengj.top/2017/02/26/springboot1/Note:

Springboot default profile read by default is iso8859-1, this time the input of Chinese will be automatically encoded, if changed to UTF-8 can be displayed normally, but spring read according to ISO is garbled.

Solution: Idea of Baidu, Eclipse temporarily no solution.

Replace properties for YML,YML support direct use of UTF-8 encoding, and easier to read

Workaround: Replace the suffix name directly

Attached: yml format red circle Live

Tomcat Thermal Deployment issues

Configure MAVEN to update resources without restarting the project

    <!--Hot Swapping, disable cache for template, enable live reload -        <Dependency>            <groupId>Org.springframework.boot</groupId>            <Artifactid>Spring-boot-devtools</Artifactid>            <Optional>True</Optional>        </Dependency>

Appendix: Other people write good documents, very good http://tengj.top/tags/Spring-Boot/

Spring Boot (i) Hello world

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