Spring Boot (ii): Install the command line interface Spring Boot CLI

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1. Preface

Spring Boot provides a command line interface (CLI), which can be used to run and test the Spring boot application. Interface

There are several ways to install the CLI:

* * Install with downloaded bundle

* * Installation with Groovyenvironment Manager

* * Installation via OS Xhomebrew

* * Installation with MacPorts

Installation Tutorial Address http://www.cnblogs.com/smile361/p/4710595.html

2. Example: Windows sub-bundle installation

Process: Download, unzip, add the Bin directory to the system path variable;

Download Address:

(Windos) Spring-boot-cli-1.3.0.build-snapshot-bin.zip

(Linux) spring-boot-cli-1.3.0.build-snapshot-bin.tar.gz

Unzip to any directory and configure the bin directory to the system path below path;

CMD command interface using the command: Spring--version or spring version to see if the installation was successful. The installation succeeds as shown:

Add: Turn on command line completion

After you turn on command line completion, type the spring command at the command line, and then press the TAB key to see a hint of what to lose next. After you select a command, type-(two hyphens) and then press TAB to display a list of options for the command.
Find the completion script in the Shell-completion subdirectory of the spring Boot CLI installation directory. There are two different scripts, one for bash and the other for zsh. To use Bash's completion script, you can type the following command at the command line (assuming Sdkman is installed):

$ . ~/.sdkman/springboot/current/shell-completion/bash/spring

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