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1, what is Spring boot.

With the popularity of dynamic languages (Ruby, Groovy, Scala, node.js), Java development is particularly cumbersome: a wide range of configurations, inefficient, complex deployment processes, and third-party technology integration are difficult.

To address the above issues, Spring Boot is launched by the new group. It uses the idea of "Convention over configuration" to get your project running fast.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of spring boot.

Advantages: Fast build projects, no configuration integration for mainstream development frameworks, projects can run independently, need not rely on servlet containers, provide run-time application monitoring, greatly improve development, deployment efficiency, and natural integration with cloud computing;


Fewer books and less depth; seamless access to the spring framework is coupled with the spring framework

PS: If you are not using spring in your project, or if you do not agree with spring, it is highly recommended that you learn more about spring's use and internal mechanisms.

3. Spring Boot Quick Build Project open Browser input: Http://start. spring.io/

Fill in the project information

You can select the Project Builder, Maven, or Gradle

Select Spring Boot version

Dependencies the dependencies needed to select a project

Fill out group and artifact and click Generate Project to generate the Spring boot project.

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