Spring Cloud cloud Services-Enterprise Cloud architecture Common-service Code Structure analysis

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The current distributed micro-service cloud architecture platform is built using MAVEN, so Common-service's generic service builds separate system services according to Maven, with the following structure:

Particle-commonservice:spring Cloud system service root project, the root dependency of all service projects.

Particle-commonservice-admin:spring Cloud/boot's micro-service management and monitoring platform (which integrates many Component Services projects)

PARTICLE-COMMONSERVICE-APIGATEWAY:API Gateway Generic Service project, all requests will go through this gateway first. A bit similar to the front-end controller mode, also somewhat similar to facade mode. Since all requests go through this API gateway, you can do the power limit control, security, load balancing, request distribution, monitoring and so on. The following is a picture from the Internet to find, easy to understand:

Particle-commonservice-cache: Provides service-oriented projects for distributed caches, encapsulates distributed cache Redis, and so on.

Particle-commonservice-config: Provides a standalone MicroServices configuration management Project project. The Configuration Management Toolkit allows you to place configurations on remote servers, centralize management of cluster configurations, and currently supports local storage, git, and subversion.

Particle-commonservice-erueka: Provide independent micro-service discovery, registration management platform. Cloud service discovery, a REST-based service for locating services to enable mid-tier service discovery and failover in the cloud.

PARTICLE-COMMONSERVICE-MQ: Provides a stand-alone messaging middleware service platform. Includes service management for popular Ali Rocketmq, Rabbit MQ, Kafka distributed messaging Middleware (many options are integrated here for user selection).

Particle-commonservice-sso: Provide unified user login, authentication single sign-on platform. Use a third-party OAuth2.0 solution to allow third-party apps to gain access on behalf of users by organizing approved interactions between resource owners and HTTP service providers on behalf of users. It also provides unified authentication login service for Web applications, desktop applications and mobile phones.

Particle-commonservice-turbine: is a tool for aggregating server to send event stream data to monitor the metrics situation of Hystrix under cluster and provide independent service project.

Particle-commonservice-zipkin: Provides a standalone service project that enables a distributed tracking solution for Springcloud applications. The data flow of distributed tracking system is divided into three steps: collecting, sending and landing analysis, Zipkin the design drawings given by the official website, so as to make it easy for us to understand:

From now on, I will be documenting the process and essence of the recent development of the spring cloud micro-service cloud architecture to help more friends who are interested in developing the Spring cloud framework to explore the process of building the spring cloud architecture and how to use it in enterprise projects. Source of information source

Spring Cloud cloud Services-Enterprise Cloud architecture Common-service Code Structure analysis

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