Spring Cloud micro-service Distributed cloud architecture-Spring Cloud Integration project

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There are a lot of spring cloud integration projects, and below we list some of the best projects related to Spring cloud, our enterprise architecture uses a lot of good projects, in plain speaking, also stand on the shoulders of giants to integrate. Before learning Spring cloud, you need to know about the project and hope to help everyone.

Spring Cloud Config

The Configuration Management Toolkit allows you to place configurations on remote servers, centralize management of cluster configurations, and currently supports local storage, git, and subversion.

Spring Cloud Bus

? event, message bus, used to propagate state changes in a cluster (for example, configuration change events), which can be combined with Spring Cloud config for hot deployment.


Cloud service discovery, a REST-based service for locating services to enable mid-tier service discovery and failover in the cloud.


fuses, fault-tolerant management tools, designed to control the nodes of services and third-party libraries through a fusing mechanism, providing greater fault tolerance for latency and failure.


Zuul is a framework for providing dynamic routing, monitoring, resiliency, security and other edge services on cloud platforms. Zuul corresponds to the front door of all requests from the Web site backend of the device and Netflix streaming app.


The Configuration Management API, which includes a series of configuration management APIs, provides features such as dynamic typed properties, thread-safe configuration operations, polling frameworks, callback mechanisms, and more.


Encapsulated with consul operations, consul is a service discovery and configuration tool that can be seamlessly integrated with Docker containers.

Spring Cloud for Cloud Foundry

The OAUTH2 Protocol binding service to Cloudfoundry,cloudfoundry is the open source PAAs cloud platform that VMware has launched.

Spring Cloud Sleuth

The Log Collection toolkit, which encapsulates dapper and log-based tracing as well as Zipkin and htrace operations, implements a distributed tracking solution for Springcloud applications.

Spring Cloud Data Flow

The Big Data manipulation tool, as a replacement for spring XD, is a hybrid computing model that combines streaming data with batch data processing.

Spring Cloud Security

Add security controls to your application based on the Spring Security Toolkit.

Spring Cloud Zookeeper

A toolkit for manipulating zookeeper for service discovery and configuration management using the zookeeper approach.

Spring Cloud Stream

The Data flow Operation development package encapsulates the sending and receiving messages with Redis,rabbit, Kafka, and so on.

Spring Cloud CLI

Based on the Spring Boot CLI, you can quickly set up cloud components on a command-line basis.


Provides load balancing in the cloud with a choice of load balancing strategies to match service discovery and circuit breaker usage.


Turbine is a tool that aggregates server sends event stream data to monitor the metrics situation of hystrix under cluster.


Feign is a declarative, templated HTTP client.

Spring Cloud Task

Provide cloud planning task management, task scheduling.

Spring Cloud Connectors

Enables cloud-based applications to connect to the backend in a variety of PAAs platforms, such as database and message broker services.

Spring Cloud Cluster

Provides leadership elections, such as: Zookeeper, Redis, Hazelcast, consul, and other common state patterns of abstraction and implementation.

Spring Cloud Starters

Spring Boot-based startup project provides spring cloud with out-of-the-box dependency management.

From now on, I will be documenting the process and essence of the recent development of the spring cloud micro-service cloud architecture to help more friends who are interested in developing the Spring cloud framework to explore the process of building the spring cloud architecture and how to use it in enterprise projects. Source source technical support for complete projects 1791743380

Spring Cloud micro-service Distributed cloud architecture-Spring Cloud Integration project

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