Spring Cloud Micro-service Distributed Cloud architecture Technology Point

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Spring cloud itself provides a lot of components, but we need to follow the business model to customize the enterprise needs of the common architecture, then we need to consider what technology to use now?

Below I have made the following technical summary for the spring Cloud Micro-service distributed cloud architecture, hoping to help you:

H5, Vue.js, Spring Tag, React, AngularJs

Spring boot/spring Cloud:
Zuul, Ribbon, feign, Turbine, Hystrix, Oauthor2, Sleuth, API Gateway, Spring Cloud, Config Eureka, SSO, Spring Cloud,
BUS, Turbine, Zipkin, Cache, Spring Cloud Admin, API Gateway, ELK Spring Cloud Security, Spring Cloud Stream

ROKETMQ, Kafka, MongoDB, OSS, Redis, Swagger, Zuul, Label, BASE, Charts, Utils

Spring Data, Mybatis, OSS, DTO

Data Storage:
Rdbs DFS, Nosql/hadoop

Logback, BUS, Jenkins, Zipkin, Druid, Swagger, Docker

The above listed may not be detailed enough, but to make a common architecture should be more than sufficient, we will follow the above technical point, gradually teach you how to build a enterprise micro-service distributed cloud architecture, hope to help everyone.

From now on, I will be documenting the process and essence of the recent development of the spring cloud micro-service cloud architecture to help more friends who are interested in developing the Spring cloud framework to explore the process of building the spring cloud architecture and how to use it in enterprise projects. Source Source

Spring Cloud Micro-service Distributed Cloud architecture Technology Point

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