Spring Cloud microservices Modular High concurrency distributed

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Enterprise Distributed Micro Service Cloud Architecture service component

Achieve modularity, microservices, Atomicity, grayscale publishing, continuous integration

Commonservice Zipkin

The Log Collection toolkit, which encapsulates dapper and log-based tracing as well as Zipkin and htrace operations, implements a distributed tracking solution for Springcloud applications.

Commonservice Turbine

The aggregation server is a tool for sending event stream data to monitor the metrics situation of hystrix under the cluster.

Commonservice Cache

Standalone distributed Cache service.

Commonservice Admin

Micro-service monitoring, such as health, memory, JVM, garbage collection, various configuration information (such as data source, cache list and hit rate), can modify the level of logger.

Commonservice Apigateway

The API gateway encapsulates the system's internal architecture and provides a custom API for each client. such as authentication, monitoring, load balancing, caching, management, static response processing.

Commonservice SSO

For the web, mobile phone, PC to provide a unified login, authentication, authorization portal, allowing third-party systems to access users in the service Honghu Cloud store service information under the premise of user authorization. Source of information source

Spring Cloud microservices Modular High concurrency distributed

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