Spring Core Container

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Container: A storage device used for packing or loading items.

Web server relationship to JSP, servlet:

Where the program files are stored from the program file to be placed on the Web server

The way the program executes from initialization to extinction is Web server management.

Look at the above two aspects:

Web server is actually a container for dynamic Web program Files

Core Container Overview

: Control inversion, control of object creation and maintenance through containers. Inversion is the transfer of control of the object to the container, with the aim of obtaining better extensibility and maintainability.

 Public classboy{PrivateDog Dog;  PublicDog Getdog () {returnDog; }   Public voidSetdog (dog dog) { This. dog=Dog; }} Public classdog{PrivateString Dogname;  PublicString Getdogname () {returnDogname; }   Public voidsetdogname (String dogname) { This. dogname=Dogname; }}

Traditional object creation and maintenance methods:

Dog dog=new  Dog ();d og.setdogname ("Wang Wang"); Boy boy =new boy (); Boy.setdog (dog);

Simulation uses IOC to create and maintain objects, dependencies in objects, and container handling

Container a=new  container (); Boy boy =a.get ();

Core Container Overview

Spring Core container: The core container is the core of the spring framework, and when the user-written program file is published to the server, it is managed by spring, including initialization of objects, invocation of functions, extinction of objects, and so on. Spring can therefore be seen as the intermediate management software for servers and applications

Spring Core Container

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