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3.27. Beijing.
Strong winds. Cold.


It's chilly.
It was cold when I got down from the car at noon.
The spring flowers and flowers on the road are shining brightly.
It hurts when the wind blows your ears. In such a spring day, winter sweaters cannot be worn too much.
While Guangzhou is overcast, rainy, and wet in such days.
Sleep with a thick quilt at night.


Since the return of 3.15 from Guangzhou, the two weeks have been busy and have never rested.
Subway projects are still busy.
Overnight writingProgramNo, almost no sleep, in order to do a good process.
We will go to Guangzhou next week to continue working.


I went home twice on weekends and made some furniture in my busy schedule-home, which is a wonderful home.
In the past two days, some colleagues in the company have said they want to resign, and I am at a loss.


In the last year, there were many things.
Serious lack of sleep, severe overdraft.
And sometimes your body prompts.
Looking forward to an earlier end.


When I go home, there are temporary tickets and no seats. Standing, very tired.
More times.
It is found that the dining car or sleeper can sit temporarily for a while, but be sure to keep a low profile.
Sit down, open the notebook; when the notebook battery prompts to save, shut down, get off, just right. Pai_^
In addition, we also found that the intercity train could use wireless Internet access.
These are not previously discovered after so many times.


Qiu bomei Zuo Yu

Apricot Flower cold at dusk upstairs,
Oblique month railing.
One pair of Swallows, two rows of geese,
Sound loss.

In Dongfeng,
Spring is idle.
It should also look like old,
Yingyingqiushui, light Spring Mountain.

By jrq

Recorded in Beijing

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