Spring Festival Gala category Project List (tentative)

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I. Singing and Dancing

01. Singing and Dancing grand gala: Geng Weihua, hahui, Chen Xiaotao, Li Hui

02. Singing the song "ring tones" to celebrate the Spring Festival: Sun Yue

03. Singing the song "": Liu Dehua

04. Song and Dance Competition-National Style

05. Singing the song "fei": Song Zuying

06. performances of the dance qishou Guanyin: Chinese Art Troupe for the disabled

07. Singing of the song "Hand in Hand": Feng Xiaoquan and Zeng Gege

08. Singing and Dancing: family name, a duo, Yang chengang, Shui Mu Nian, and Cai Yilin

09. Singing of the song "between neighbors": Yang hongji, Wang Jing, Cai Guoqing, and Mei Jia

10. Performances of martial arts Song and Dance "zhuangzhi Lingyun": Jackie Chan and Shaolin monk

11. Singing and dancing the Four Seasons sonata: Zhang Yan, zu Hai, Chen Sisi, Tang can

12. Dancing "more than a year": ZHAO Liping

13. Singing the song "Sunshine of Love": Na Ying

14. Singing the song "Yuan dream": Peng Liyuan

15. Singing the song "people going home": Man Wenjun

16. Singing the song "Tian Lu": Han Hong

17. Singing the song "Singing and Dancing": Yi Yining, Wang Hongwei

18. Singing the song "more love and more beautiful": Lin yilun, Bai Wen, Chen qianqian

19. Singing the song "girl playing wings": Rong zuer

20. singing "The Good Soldier": Zhang Mai, Bai Xue, Feng Ruili, and Liu yixiao

21. Song and Dance Competition-flowers to flowers

22. Singing: Yan weiwen, Lu Jihong, and Yan tiexin

23. Singing the song "Ping An China": Hu Yan and Liao changyong

24. Dancing and dancing

25. Singing of the song "Shengshi bell": Yu xiaojian and Sha baoliang

26. Singing the song "difficult to forget": Yin xiomei, Liu Bin, and all the actors

Ii. Sketch

01. performances of the sketch "Zhu Shou": Wei Ji 'an, Huang xiaojuan, Sun Tao, Liu Xiaomei, Xiao Dang, and song Ning

02. Decoration: Huang Hong, Gong Hanlin, and Lin Yongjian

03. Performance of the sketch "man and Big husband": Guo Donglin and Niu Li

04. Magic Olympics performances: Pan Changjiang, Liu yajin, Yan Dejiang, Chen Hanbai, etc.

05. performances of the sketch "romantic events": Guo Da, Cai Ming, Han Ying, Yu Heng

06. Performance of the essay "reporting the sighs": Xu Xiaoming, Wei zhenbai, Zhu danping

07. Kung fu performance: Zhao Benshan, Fan Wei, Cai Wei, Wang Xiaohu

08. performances of the sketch "very star": LI Yong, Wei San, and Sun xiaobao

09. Performance of the essay "launch on today": Hu Yang, Bai Yu, Huang man

Iii. Opera-Qu Yi and Other Types

01. Group-mouth crosstalk: Hou Yaowen, Shi fukuan, Liu Wei, Li Ka-cun

02. crosstalk: Feng Yu and Zhu Jun

03. crosstalk: Li weijian and Wu Bin

04. Acrobatics: Chinese acrobatic troupe

05. performances of the opera watch the park: Ma jinfeng, Yuan Huiqin, Meng guanglu, Ma Lan, Liu guijuan, Shan yangping, Gao xiumin, Xu Mengke (China TV News)

(If there is any change in the program, please refer to the broadcast that night)

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