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You have to prepare some gifts to go home for the Chinese New Year. The following shows the result of my two-night shopping at Carrefour:

List: 1 teddy bear
1 langjiu bottle
Luzhou laojiao 2 bottles
Children's Building Blocks 3 barrels
Laoshan green tea 6 bags

The Furry toy bear is very cute. It was sent to my youngest niece. She was only five months old and never saw my uncle. Does she have a big bear? There are also three nephews and niece from the age of one to two. They all run, and each of them has a bucket. The building blocks are plastic and have plug-ins. They should be better than the wood blocks I used when I was a child. Our house is a grocery store, with both wine and tea, but they certainly enjoy better drinks when I bring them back.

In fact, it is very laborious to buy a gift. To put it bluntly, I think we don't have a lot of money. I can't afford it if I don't have enough money to afford it. I have to calculate it. Second, I want to buy a suitable gift for different people and what to buy for them, think about it. To put it hard, you can better understand it. It is tiring to take these things home from the supermarket. However, I think this "laborious" is also the significance of buying gifts. In China, there is an old saying that "a thousand miles to send goose feathers, gifts are light and considerate". The significance of a gift is not in its value ry, but in its meaning ". During your selection and purchase of these gifts, you must have been pondering over and over again the preferences of every family member, wondering if they will like it and whether it is more appropriate to buy it. At this time, their voice and smile are full, and they are constantly flashing in your mind like a movie. You have never been like buying a Spring Festival gift, all-round and profound familiarization of every face in the family that is most loved by others. You finally decided what to buy and took them home. Is such a gift more meaningful than a gift in the form of a so-called omnipotent banknote?

Of course it makes sense.

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