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2012 Spring Festival is imminent, this year's Spring festival travel should be the reform of the railway sector and the current resource optimization of the most important year, in addition to the public more concerned about the real-name ticketing, the first full implementation of the Internet ticketing, telephone booking, electronic payment tickets and other new ticketing methods and the telephone tickets The pre-sale period for Internet ticketing is adjusted to 12 days (including the same day), and so on are the new changes and new bright spots for the advance booking of train tickets and bookings for this year's Spring festival.

In billions of people rush home during the Spring Festival travel, the train ticket is difficult to let many people drift out of China's common sense and deeply! In fact, in the current variety of railway tickets booking methods, telephone booking may be the quickest and most secure one of the most popular booking method, Many local railway administrations have also opened tens of thousands of train ticket booking phone to accept the public booking, many tickets to the people and Railway Department staff also recommended the preferred telephone booking. "Telephone booking pre-sale priority at the station and the Sale Point ticket window, the proposal passengers in advance schedule during the Spring Festival travel, as far as possible using telephone booking, telephone booking tips without tickets, ticket window also no ticket", a Kunming railway station staff in the media interview said so.

In fact, as the current domestic user size and industry influence the largest network phone brand, KC Network telephone (official website: http://www.keepc.com/) This year again to become the public telephone booking 2012 spring to return train tickets to the biggest hot! According to a long time during the Spring Festival travel by telephone to order the ticket of a senior booking Tatsu, using the KC Network of computer software clients and mobile phone version of software clients to call the Spring Festival train ticket telephone booking hotline, it is indeed very convenient and can greatly improve the success rate of telephone order train tickets, He summed up the six major advantages of the "second" train ticket for the 2012-year Spring Festival in the KC Network.

Advantage 1: Telephone booking votes more and update fast

As the most popular train ticket booking method, telephone booking has become the public's first choice. It is reported that the Shanghai Railway Bureau has expanded the number of 95105105 booking telephone calls from 8000 doors to 12000 doors. Telephone booking pre-sale priority at the station and Sale Point ticket window, the longest pre-sale period can be up to 12 days, train ticket The latest votes update information, the fastest train ticket "return ticket", etc., can be obtained by telephone booking way!

Advantage 2: Support dedicated channel direct booking train tickets

Compared with the use of landline and mobile phone to call the train ticket booking telephone, the KC network telephone uses the Hong Kong International line, may completely avoid the landline and the mobile phone busy traditional telephone network, but may realize the point-to-point telephone direct dialing, the telephone direct, because according to the International Convention, the network telephone priority high, in the same situation, The hotline accepts KC telephone first! It is also the most direct and fundamental reason why the largest brand of KC Internet telephony can be ordered by telephone to give priority to train tickets.

Advantage 3: Fast operation phone dial more quickly

The use of KC Network telephone can call the railway stations throughout the country booking hotline (such as 95105105) to successfully book their own required train tickets, but the user to dial the usual need to add local area code, such as the user dial the Beijing railway station train ticket booking hotline, you need to dial Beijing's telephone area code. 01095105105 ". If the user in the telephone booking process and the first call booking hotline when the line is busy, you can directly hit the ENTER key to redial calls, an instant call booking hotline, "grab line" very fast and convenient.

Advantage 4: Free calls really don't pay for tickets

When the user first uses and registers the KC network telephone, the system will give the maximum 60 minutes free call the domestic all long short distance experience call time long, the user may realize the free telephone to order the train ticket without cost. In addition, as the first domestic launch of network telephone free call service well-known brands, KC network telephone every major holiday etc will be launched for all KC network new and old users of the All-weather free call service, domestic all long short-distance telephone users can free dozen, unlimited dozen, free dozen!

Advantage 5: Call recording booking process "playback"

KC Network Telephony's computer software client has a very superior high-definition call and real-time telephone recording function, users can open the software "call recording" function when booking, so even if there is no record of the number of tickets, can also be recorded to obtain the number of ticket flow information, very convenient and practical, After all, take the ticket of the serial number of information is very critical, if the ticket to take the flow number of information is not correctly recorded, all the previous booking process may be naught.

Advantage 6: Low tariff national call benefits on the benefits

In addition to supporting a dedicated channel to train tickets to the special function of direct access, the domestic largest brand of KC network calls can also support the global mobile phone and landline telephone high-definition dialing, users can use the KC Network phone computer software and KC mobile phone network phone with a minimum of 0.05 cents/ Minutes of call rates to call all the domestic long short-distance calls.

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