Spring MVC Framework

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Description: JAVA springmvc+mybatis (Oracle and MySQL) HTML5 new tall background framework

1. Support App mobile app (Android and iOS) interface call (JSON interface can be interfaced with other programs)

2. New tall Changquan html5+css3.0 development interface, beautiful and fashionable, cutting-edge

3. One of the Oracle and MySQL versions

4. The framework is well-built, on the basis of a number of projects, battle-hardened, support large concurrency, stable program operation

5. Basic functions have been perfected

Organization management: Similar role management, sub-role groups and members, there are group permissions and member permissions, menu permissions, independent allocation and deletion of change permissions. Support multi-user sub-rights management background

System users: To each basic group member additions and deletions to change the search

Member management: To the front-end user management, assign membership level, expiry time, status, contact information and other information

Menu management: Adding and deleting menu Ztree

Data dictionary: Unlimited levels, support for multi-level unlimited classification. On-site numbering, sorting, etc.

Provide a complete range of tools (e-mail source, MD5 encryption class, upload download class, interface class, etc.)

1.app interface

2. Aurora Push

3. Interface

4.java Timer (timed to execute a program, accurate to seconds, can set cycle)

5. Send mail

6.base64 Transferring pictures

7.MD5 encryption

8. Import and Export Excel

6. On this basis can develop a variety of system software (OA, ERP, medical management, finance, website backstage, app backstage, etc.), the interface beautiful, to customers take the shot

Provide permanent technical support


Spring MVC Framework

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