Spring Outing to enjoy flowers around Beijing

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In the spring of March, the flowers bloom and the flowers fly. It is a good time to enjoy flowers. Although most of the flowers in the South have been opened up, the Spring Festival in Beijing has become one of the most pleasant leisure ways for Beijing residents on weekends.
Phoenix ridge natural scenic area
Apricot Flower (from the end of March to middle April) in the North, the Apricot Flower is earlier than the pear flower and peach blossom. At present, the apricot flower is the earliest messenger to convey the spring to us. In early April, more than 600 mu of Apricot Flower gradually blossomed in Beijing's Phoenix ridge natural scenic area, with charming scenery. In addition to Phoenix Ridge, you can also see the Apricot Flower style during the green flower festival in the scenic area of Tseung Tuo.
Yuantan Park
Cherry Blossom (from the end of March to the beginning of April) has a very short flowering period. From flowering to withered, it is only a seven-day period, and the whole cherry blossom has only two weeks to thank. Every year, cherry blossom petals fly in the air, and those who like the tide will flock to the cherry blossom tree to realize the short and splendid life of cherry blossom. You don't have to go to Japan in the east to see cherry blossoms. You can see the pure beauty and elegance of cherry blossoms in yuyuantan Park in Beijing. The cherry blossom festival in yuantan is generally held at the end of March or early April. Because of the Short flowering period of cherry blossom, visitors can arrange the flower appreciation time by surfing the internet or forecasting the flowering period at the entrance of the park.
Dajue Temple
Magnolia (from the beginning of April to the beginning of middle April) is of course a magnolia flower. Tanji temple and dajue Temple are the classic of Magnolia. The tree age of the purple magnolia tree in the ancient temple of Tan Yi has been around for more than 200 years, leading in the whole of North China. The tradition of enjoying magnolia in dajue temple has been around for a long time. Now it is highly respected. You can not only enjoy flowers but also tea. The fragrance of Magnolia is rich and mixed with the fragrance of tea.
Tiantan Park
Clove (middle April) has always been a symbol of traditional sorrow. Dai Wangshu's "girl with a clove of Sorrow" in "Rain Lane" is a good portrayal of this symbol. Clove flowers are small, clusters and clusters of white and purple, usually four petals, the taste is bitter incense. When flowers bloom, especially at night, the flowers are full of fragrance, which makes people crazy. Tiantan Park has a clove forest, in which people will feel dizzy and fragrant.
Royal Garden
Haitang (from the end of middle April to the end of April) is a famous flower that has been admired by the common saying of elegance and elegance since ancient times, in royal gardens, it is often planted with Magnolia, peony, and osmanthus to form an artistic conception of "Yu Tang rich. In the Tucheng Park, where the ruins of yuandu are located, there is a place called "haitang Huaxi". In the Spring Festival of the Sea bread festival, the sea bread and the sea bread of xifu compete for the beautiful scenery. In addition, 25 sea bread flowers in the west coast of Beihai will also bloom in April, and the other side is the ripple Willow bank, which is a good place to enjoy the sea bread.
Beijing Botanical Garden
Peach Blossom (middle April-middle May) the annual Peach Blossom Festival of the Beijing Botanical Garden will be held on middle April. During the holiday season, visitors will see nearly 70 peach varieties, including red and white peach, peach, star peach, and Chrysanthemum peach, with over peach blossoms. Peach blossoms are colorful and elegant, attracting visitors.
Jingshan Park
Peony (from the end of April to the beginning of May) has a huge variety of flowers, which are named as the king of flowers with a variety of colors and rich colors. The peony flower in jingshan Park has more than 150 varieties, including the traditional peony products of royal garden, the famous Luoyang peony and Lotus peony, and the famous Gansu peony, Jiangzhe peony and Japanese peony, covering eight colors and nine flowers, the city is named Beijing with "plant height, long age, large flowers, and colorful.

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