Spring Proxy mode

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Spring proxy mode is broadly divided into static proxy mode and dynamic proxy mode.

The difference:

Static proxy mode:
The flexibility is not strong; if there are 1000 dao; there are 1000 proxy classes; not universal

Static proxy mode:

 Package Staticproxy;  Public Interface Persondao {        publicvoid  Sava ();          Public void update ();}
 PackageStaticproxy; Public classPersondaoimplImplementsPersondao { PublicString user =NULL; Persondaoimpl () {}/**     * @returnThe user*/     PublicString GetUser () {returnuser; }    /**     * @paramuser the user to set*/     Public voidsetUser (String user) { This. user =user; } persondaoimpl (String user) { This. user =user; } @Override Public voidSava () {//TODO auto-generated Method StubSystem.out.println ("Entry method")); } @Override Public voidUpdate () {//TODO auto-generated Method Stub            }}
 PackageStaticproxy;ImportJDKProxy.impl.PersonDaoImpl;//Static proxy Classes Public classPersonproxyImplementspersondao{ PublicPersondaoimpl Persondaoimpl;  Publicpersonproxy (Persondaoimpl persondaoimpl) { This. Persondaoimpl =Persondaoimpl; } @Override Public voidSava () {//TODO auto-generated Method Stub        if(Persondaoimpl.getuser ()! =NULL) {Persondaoimpl.sava (); }} @Override Public voidUpdate () {//TODO auto-generated Method Stub            }    }

Test class:

 Package Staticproxy;  Public class Test {        publicstaticvoid  main (string[] args) {        //  Create proxy class        personproxy pro  new personproxy (new  Persondaoimpl ());        Pro.sava ();    }}

Dynamic Proxy mode:
Requirements: Target class to have implementation interface

 Package Jdkproxy; // Interface  Public Interface Persondao {        publicvoid  Sava (String name);      Public void Update (String name);      Public string GetUserName (string name);}
 PackageJdkproxy.impl;ImportJdkproxy.persondao; Public classPersondaoimplImplementsPersondao {PrivateString user =NULL; /**     * @returnThe user*/     PublicString GetUser () {returnuser; }    /**     * @paramuser the user to set*/     Public voidsetUser (String user) { This. user =user; }     PublicPersondaoimpl () {} PublicPersondaoimpl (String user) { This. user =user; } @Override Publicstring GetUserName (string name) {System.out.println ("This is the GetUserName () method"); return"Oooo"; } @Override Public voidSava (String name) {System.out.println ("This is the Save () method"); } @Override Public voidUpdate (String name) {System.out.println ("This is the update () method"); }}
 PackageJdkproxy;ImportJava.lang.reflect.InvocationHandler;ImportJava.lang.reflect.Method;ImportJava.lang.reflect.Proxy;ImportJDKProxy.impl.PersonDaoImpl;/*** Agent Factory * *@authorAdministrator **/ Public classJdkproxyfactoryImplementsInvocationhandler {PrivateObject TargetObject; /*** Generate proxy Object * *@paramTargetObject *@return     */     PublicObject Createproxyobject (Object targetObject) { This. TargetObject =TargetObject; //Build Proxy Object//Loader: Loader for target class//interfaces: All interfaces of the target class//callback Interface Class        returnproxy.newproxyinstance (Targetobject.getclass (). getClassLoader (), Targetobject.getclass (). getInterfaces (),  This); }    /*** Proxy class callback method to invoke the target class method when the callback * Call the target class method to intercept*/@Override//Surround Notifications     Publicobject Invoke (Object proxy, Method method, object[] args)throwsthrowable {Persondaoimpl Persondaoimpl= (Persondaoimpl) This. TargetObject; Object Invoke=NULL; Try {            //.... Begin (): Pre-notification            if(Persondaoimpl.getuser ()! =NULL) {                //delegate target object Call method: The target method of the call is called the connection pointInvoke =Method.invoke (TargetObject, args); }            //... commit (): Post-Notification                    } Catch(Exception e) {//callback (): Exception notification}finally{            //Close (): Final notification        }                returninvoke; }}


 PackageJdkproxy;ImportJDKProxy.impl.PersonDaoImpl; Public classJdkproxytest { Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {//Create a dynamic agent factoryJdkproxyfactory Jdkproxy =Newjdkproxyfactory (); //to create a proxy object for the target classPersondao Persondao =(Persondao) jdkproxy. Createproxyobject (NewPersondaoimpl ("")); Persondao.update ("XXX"); }}


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Spring Proxy mode

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