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Spring has migrated the source code from SVN to GitHub, and has instead built the project based on Gradle, replacing the previous Ant+ivy system, so you'll need to install GitHub and Gradle to build the spring source.

First, let's say you've already installed GitHub and Gradle successfully.

Gradle the configuration of the environment variable after download: A JDK-like configuration where gradle_home and path are configured.

Here are the steps to download the source code and compile it into a project that eclipse can identify.

1. First open github, enter the command CD e://spring, that is, locate the source code to download to the local location,

2. Enter the command: Git clone git://github.com/springsource/spring-framework.git, at this time to enter the source of the download phase.

3. Which project do we need to compile which project, such as SPRING-BEANS:CD E://spring/spring-framework/spring-beans, and then execute Gradle cleanidea Eclipse. You can convert the Spring-beans project to a project that eclipse recognizes.

4. After pouring into eclipse we will find that the project may depend on other projects, then we need to use 3 in the steps to import other projects, add to the dependency, or directly find the corresponding Jira package put in the line.

Spring Source Download

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