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The Spring Boot app launcher has a total of 44 basic types, specifically as follows:

1) Spring-boot-starter
This is the core launcher for spring boot, which includes automatic configuration, logging, and Yaml.

2) Spring-boot-starter-actuator
Help monitor and manage apps.

Support for the AMQP protocol via Spring-rabbit (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol).

Supports aspect-oriented programming i.e. AOP, including SPRING-AOP and ASPECTJ.

5) Spring-boot-starter-artemis
With the Apache Artemis support JMS API (Java? Message Service API).

6) Spring-boot-starter-batch
Supports spring Batch, including the HSQLDB database.

7) Spring-boot-starter-cache
Supports spring's cache abstraction.

8) Spring-boot-starter-cloud-connectors
Support for spring cloud connectors simplifies connecting services on cloud platforms such as cloud Foundry or Heroku.

9) Spring-boot-starter-data-elasticsearch
Supports the Elasticsearch search and analysis engine, including Spring-data-elasticsearch.

) Spring-boot-starter-data-gemfire
Supports GemFire distributed data storage, including Spring-data-gemfire.

Supports JPA (Java persistence API), including SPRING-DATA-JPA, Spring-orm, Hibernate.

Supports MongoDB data, including Spring-data-mongodb.

With SPRING-DATA-REST-WEBMVC, the spring data Data Warehouse is exposed through rest.

Supports the Apache SOLR search platform, including SPRING-DATA-SOLR.

Supports the Freemarker template engine.

Support for the groovy template engine.

Support for Hateoas-based restful Web services through Spring-hateoas.

JMS is supported through HORNETQ.

Support for common spring-integration modules.

Supports JDBC database.

) Spring-boot-starter-jersey
Supports the Jersey RESTful Web services Framework.

Supports JTA distributed transactions with Atomikos.

Supports JTA distributed transactions with Bitronix.

) Spring-boot-starter-mail
Supports Javax.mail modules.

Support Spring-mobile.

Supports the Mustache template engine.

Supports Redis key-value store database, including Spring-redis.

Support Spring-security.

) Spring-boot-starter-social-facebook
Support Spring-social-facebook

Support Pring-social-linkedin

Support Pring-social-twitter

Support for regular test dependencies, including JUnit, Hamcrest, Mockito, and spring-test modules.

) spring-boot-starter-thymeleaf
Support for the Thymeleaf template engine, including integration with spring.

Supports the velocity template engine.

s supports full-stack web development, including Tomcat and SPRING-WEBMVC.

Support WebSocket Development.

Notoginseng) Spring-boot-starter-ws
Supports Spring Web Services.

The Spring Boot Application Launcher is also available for production environments in 2 ways, as follows:

1) spring-boot-starter-actuator
Added features for product-on-line correlation, such as measurement and monitoring.

2) Spring-boot-starter-remote-shell
Added support for remote SSH shell.

Finally, the Spring boot Application Launcher also has some replacement technology initiators, as follows:

1) Spring-boot-starter-jetty
introduced the jetty HTTP engine (to replace Tomcat).

2) spring-boot-starter-log4j
Supports the LOG4J log framework.

3) spring-boot-starter-logging
The spring boot default log frame logback is introduced.

4) Spring-boot-starter-tomcat
The Spring boot default HTTP engine tomcat is introduced.

5) Spring-boot-starter-undertow
introduced the Undertow HTTP engine (to replace Tomcat)

Springboot Launcher List

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