SpringBoot2 Global Exception Handling

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Refer to the following types of anomalies in this article:

Global exception handling is a more important feature that is commonly used in projects.
A request can be divided into three stages to perform a global exception handling.
One: Before entering the controller, such as requesting a nonexistent address, 404 error.
Two: In the execution of @requestmapping, before entering the logic processing stage. For example, the wrong type of argument is passed.
Three: When the above is normal, the logic code in the controller execution of the exception. such as NullPointerException.

Put the written global exception-handling class directly into the project, and configure @controller to load the class into spring for use without any configuration.

Here are the exception handling classes I wrote:

Package Com.archibladwitwicke.springboot2.chapter03.controller;import Com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.objectmapper;import Org.apache.commons.logging.log;import Org.apache.commons.logging.logfactory;import Org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.autowired;import Org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.web.servlet.error.abstracterrorcontroller;import Org.springframework.boot.web.servlet.error.defaulterrorattributes;import Org.springframework.stereotype.controller;import Org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.requestmapping;import Org.springframework.web.servlet.modelandview;import Javax.servlet.servletexception;import Javax.servlet.http.httpservletrequest;import Javax.servlet.http.httpservletresponse;import java.io.IOException; Import Java.util.collections;import java.util.hashmap;import Java.util.Map; @Controllerpublic class    Globalerrorcontroller extends Abstracterrorcontroller {private static final String Error_path = "/error"; Private log log = Logfactory.getlog (GlobalerrorcoNtroller.class);    @Autowired Objectmapper Objectmapper;    Public Globalerrorcontroller () {Super (New defaulterrorattributes ()); } @RequestMapping (Error_path) public Modelandview Geterrorpath (httpservletrequest request, HttpServletResponse Respo NSE) {map<string, object> model = Collections.unmodifiablemap (geterrorattributes (Request, FA        LSE));        Throwable cause = getcause (request);        int status = (Integer) model.get ("status");        Error message String message = (string) model.get ("message");        Friendly hint String errormessage = geterrormessage (cause);        String Requestpath = (string) model.get ("path");        Background print log information to facilitate error log.info (status + ":" + message, cause);        Log.info ("Requestpath---" + ":" + Requestpath);        Background print log information to facilitate error log.info (message, cause);        Response.setstatus (status); if (!isjsonrequest (request, model)) {Modelandview view = new Modelandview ("/error.BTL ");            View.addallobjects (model);            View.addobject ("status", status);            View.addobject ("ErrorMessage", errormessage);            View.addobject ("cause", cause);        return view;            } else {map<string, object> error = new hashmap<> ();            Error.put ("Success", false);            Error.put ("ErrorMessage", GetErrorMessage (cause));            Error.put ("message", message);            Writejson (response, error);        return null; }} Private Boolean isjsonrequest (HttpServletRequest request, map<string, object> model) {//fix bugs in this class        , you cannot get requestpath String Requestpath = (string) model.get ("path") using request.        if (Requestpath.endswith (". JSON")) {return true; } else {return (Request.getheader ("accept"). Contains ("Application/json") | | (Request.getheader ("X-requested-with")! = null && request.getheader ("X-requested-with"). ContaIns ("XMLHttpRequest"))); }} private void Writejson (httpservletresponse response, map<?,? > Error) {response.setcontenttype ("AP        Plication/json;charset=utf-8 ");        try {response.getwriter (). Write (objectmapper.writevalueasstring (error));        } catch (IOException e) {e.printstacktrace ();    }} private String GetErrorMessage (Throwable ex) {/* Do not show verbose error to front end */return "Server error, please contact Administrator"; } private Throwable Getcause (HttpServletRequest request) {Throwable error = (throwable) request.getattribute ("J        Avax.servlet.error.exception ");                if (Error! = null) {while (Error instanceof servletexception && error.getcause ()! = null) {            Error = ((servletexception) error). Getcause ();    }} return error;    } @Override Public String Geterrorpath () {return error_path; }}


This method can be modified according to the project, which will judge the type of Ajax request, and the remainder can not be modified:

Private Boolean isjsonrequest (HttpServletRequest request, map<string, object> model) {        //fix bugs, in this class, Cannot get Requestpath        String Requestpath = (string) model.get ("path") using request.        if (Requestpath.endswith (". JSON")) {            return true;        } else {            return (Request.getheader ("accept"). Contains ( "Application/json") | | (Request.getheader ("X-requested-with")! = null                    && request.getheader ("X-requested-with"). Contains (" XMLHttpRequest ")));        }    }


This exception class can intercept the above three exception cases, displaying custom exception handling pages or exception handling data.

SpringBoot2 Global Exception Handling

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