Springcloud-based micro-service Architecture Combat Case Project

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Based on the implementation of the Springcloud system, the simple shopping process is implemented to meet basic functions: Registration, Login, product list display, product details display, order creation, detail view, order payment, inventory update and so on.

Each business service uses a separate MySQL database and initially considers the following components:

  1. Service registration, Discovery: Eureka

  2. Configuration management: Spring config, spring security

  3. Cluster fault tolerance: Hystrix (to be implemented)

  4. API Gateway: Zuul (to be implemented)

  5. Service Load: Feign+ribbon

  6. API Document output: Swagger2

  7. Code Simplification: Lombok

  8. Message Queuing: RABBITMQ

  9. Distributed locks: Redis (to be implemented)

  10. Link Tracking: Spring cloud Sletuh->zipkin

  11. Security certification: OAUTH2/JWT (to be implemented)

  12. Service Monitoring: Spring-boot-admin

Introduction of each module
module name port introduction
admin-server 9002 service monitoring center, monitoring all service modules
conf-server 9004 distributed configuration Center, combined with SPRING-SECURITY/RABBITMQ using
eureka-server 9003 service registry, providing service registration, Discovery function
sleuth-server 9001 springcloud, compatible with Zipkin
zuul-server 9005 API Gateway Module
account-service 8080 User services, provide registration, login, address and other services
product-service 8081 goods service, provide a list of items, details, inventory updates and other services
payment-service 8082 payment services, payment records
order-service 8083 order service, provide order creation, details, status change
msg-service 8084 message processing Service
Front-app 8088 Front-end services, combined with SWAGGER2 to provide API management
Get started quickly
    • 1. Start Admin-server,eureka-server,conf-server three basic services first

    • 2. Start Payment/order/product/account basic business service in turn

    • 3, finally start the Front-app service, open the browser, enter Http://localhost:8088/swagger ..., according to the process API in turn, you can use the function

    • 4, follow-up time to provide the page, based on Vue2+bootstrap, the process of string up

Release Versionv2.1

Release date:2017-08-29

1, the introduction of Swagger2, the completion of API interface document management to complete the overall business data Flow 2, through the API interface to complete the overall business Data 3, based on the introduction of Spring-cloud-config Configuration Center, combined with security to strengthen safety configuration, At the same time introducing BUS-AMQP (RABBITMQ) to efficiently update configuration content [Configuration center data combined with Sc-cloud-repo engineering using]4, introducing feign to meet client-side invocation Service 5, Introduction ribbon, Can satisfy the client's load balancing call back-end service v1.0

Release DATE:2017-08-17

1, the completion of basic services and business sub-module services to build, business sub-module can run 2, complete the operation of Springbootadmin business module monitoring, and Eureka service operation, to meet the basic services of the business registration, Discovery function 3, through the Front-app end, Use the feign component to initiate a simple test run of functions such as Login/signup. The next version, based on this version, will continue to improve the complete shopping implementation, including simple pages, API management/invocation and so on. Focus on more content

Source Address: Https://github.com/backkoms/simplemall

Springcloud-based micro-service Architecture Combat Case Project

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