SPRINGMVC anti-duplication commit interception

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/** * created with intellij idea. * user: lijian * date:  14-7-11 * Time:  morning 10:38 * description : Prevent duplicate submission of data       http://hi.baidu.com/uvmfawxtxzbknqe/item/3c87d4220acba32442634acf * to change this  template use File | Settings | File Templates. */public  Class tokeninterceptor extends handlerinterceptoradapter {    private  static logger logger = loggerfactory.getlogger (Tokeninterceptor.class);      @Override     public boolean prehandle (httpservletrequest  Request, httpservletresponse response, object handler)  throws exception {         if  (Handler instanceof handlermethod)  {             handlermethod handlermethod =  (HandlerMethod)  handler ;            method method =  Handlermethod.getmethod ();            token  Annotation = method.getannotation (Token.class);             if  (annotation != null)  {                 boolean needSaveSession =  Annotation.save ();                 if  (needsavesession)  {                     request.getsession (False). SetAttribute ("token",  Uuid.randomuuid (). toString ());                 }                 boolean needRemoveSession =  Annotation.remove ();                 if  (needremovesession)  {                     if  (Isrepeatsubmit (request))  {                          return false;                     }                     request.getsession (False). RemoveAttribute (" Token ");                 }             }             return true;        } else {             return super.prehandle (Request, response,  handler);        }    }     private boolean isrepeatsubmit (httpservletrequest request)  {         String serverToken =  (String)  request.getsession (false). GetAttribute ("token");        if  (Servertoken == null)  {            return true;         }         string clinettoken = request.getparameter (" Token ");        if  (clinettoken == null)  {             return true;         }        if  (!servertoken.equals ( Clinettoken))  {            return true;         }        return  false;    }}

Add a custom note @token (save=true) on the Request Path form page to add a unique value generated by the UUID//page Add <input type= "hidden" name= "Token" value= "${token}"/ >//need to add @token (remove=true) to the controller submitted at the time of submission

/** * Created with IntelliJ idea. * User:lijian * date:14-7-11 * Time: Morning 10:35 * To change this template use File | Settings | File Templates.     */@Target (Elementtype.method) @Retention (retentionpolicy.runtime) public @interface Token {/** * generates a unique UUID token value    * * @return * * Boolean save () default false; /** * Check token value, remove token value by check * * @return */boolean remove () default false;}

<!--Interceptor Configuration--><mvc:interceptors> <!--Configure token blocker to prevent users from repeating data--<mvc:interceptor> < ; mvc:mapping path= "/**"/> <bean class= "Com.xxxx.xxx.xxx.TokenInterceptor"/> </mvc:interceptor>< ;/mvc:interceptors>

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SPRINGMVC anti-duplication commit interception

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