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Create two Web applications as a Hessian server and another as a client

server-side code

First set up the Hessian server side, create a new Web project, project name Hessian, the main jar package required:

Configure Web.xml,

  	<servlet-class> org.springframework.web.servlet.dispatcherservlet</servlet-class>
  			< Param-name>contextconfiglocation</param-name>
		<param-value>classpath:hessian.xml</ param-value>

  	<servlet-name >remote</servlet-name>
  </servlet-mapping >

The Hessian.xml file is configured as follows

<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?> <beans xmlns= "Http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans" xmln  
      S:xsi= "Http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:context= "Http://www.springframework.org/schema/context" xmlns:aop= "HTTP://WWW.SPRINGFRAMEWORK.ORG/SCHEMA/AOP" xsi:schemalocation= "Http://www.springframework.org/schema /beans http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans/spring-beans-3.0.xsd Http://www.springframework.org/schema /AOP http://www.springframework.org/schema/aop/spring-aop-3.0.xsd Http://www.springframework.org/schema/contex T http://www.springframework.org/schema/context/spring-context-3.0.xsd "> <bean id=" Helloimpl "CLA ss= "Com.hessian.s.helloimpl" ></bean> <bean name= "/hessapi" Org.springframework.remoting.caucho.HessianServiceExporter "> <property name=" service "ref=" Helloimpl "> </property> <property name= "Serviceinterface" value= "Com.hessiAn.s.hello "></property> </bean> </beans> 

Interface code:

Package com.hessian.s;
 * @author work
 * Exposure interface
/public interface Hello {public
	void say (String name);

Implementation code:

Package com.hessian.s;
 * Specific implementation
 * @author work/public
class Helloimpl implements hello{
	Public void Say (String name) {
		//TODO auto-generated method stub
		System.out.println ("Hello" +name);

Server-side configuration complete, can be deployed on Tomcat test, test code:

Hessianproxyfactory FC = new Hessianproxyfactory ();
		Hello hello = (hello) fc.create (Hello.class, "Http://localhost:8080/hessian/api/hessApi");
		Hello.say ("World");

Client code

Create a Web project SMVC, add the above jar package, and configure the Web.xml code as follows:

  	<servlet-class> Org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet </servlet-class>
  		< Param-name>contextconfiglocation</param-name>
  		<param-value>classpath:springmvc.xml</ param-value>
  	<servlet-name >dispatcher</servlet-name>
  </servlet-mapping >

The Springmvc.xml configuration file is as follows:

	<context:component-scan base-package= "Com.sun.c1" ></context:component-scan>

	<bean class= " Org.springframework.web.servlet.view.InternalResourceViewResolver ">
		<property name=" prefix "value="/ jsp/"></property>
		<property name=" suffix "value=". JSP ></property>

	<bean id= "Hello" class= "Org.springframework.remoting.caucho.HessianProxyFactoryBean" >
		< Property Name= "serviceurl" value= "Http://localhost:8080/hessian/api/hessApi" ></property>
		< Property Name= "Serviceinterface" value= "Com.hessian.s.hello" ></property>

The controller code is as follows:

@RequestMapping ("/aug") public
class Augcontroller {
	@Qualifier ("Hello")
	private Hello Helloimpl;
	@RequestMapping ("/hello.do") public
	String Hello (modelandview mv) {
		System.out.println ("Hello");
		Helloimpl.say ("World");
		Return "Success";

Deploy all two projects under Tomcat, access through the browser: Http://localhost:8080/smvc/aug/hello.do can see the client SPRINGMVC call to the Hessian server side

Code Download Address: http://download.csdn.net/detail/sunqingzhong44/9592865

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