SPRINGMVC Construction of the project, there is no integration of the persistence layer framework (Java Config configuration vs. xml configuration)

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public class Webinit implements Webapplicationinitializer {@Override public void Onstartup (ServletContext container ) throws Servletexception {//project start execution://Front Controller//VS. XML configuration, config/* in Web. * * &LT;SERVL et> * <servlet-name>dispatcherServlet</servlet-name> * &LT;SERVLET-CLASS&GT;ORG.S pringframework.web.servlet.dispatcherservlet</servlet-class> * <init-param> * &L T;param-name>contextconfiglocation</param-name> * <param-value>/web-inf/classes/applicatio n.xml</param-value> * </init-param> * &LT;LOAD-ON-STARTUP&GT;1&LT;/LOAD-ON-STARTUP&G         T * </servlet> * <servlet-mapping> * <servlet-name>dispatherservlet</servlet-name&         Gt   * <url-pattern>*.do</url-pattern> * </servlet-mapping> * * *//javaconfig configuration     This sentence corresponds to the Controller core class servletregistration.dynamic dispatcherservletregistration = Container.addservlet ("Dispatcher", n        EW Dispatcherservlet ());        This is equivalent to configuring the server to start loading the servlet container dispatcherservletregistration.setloadonstartup (1); This sentence is equivalent to configuring the note driver Dispatcherservletregistration.setinitparameter ("Contextclass", "        Org.springframework.web.context.support.AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext "); This sentence is equivalent to loading the SPRINGMVC core profile dispatcherservletregistration.setinitparameter ("Contextconfiglocation", "        Com.mike.small.config.SpringMvcConfig ");        Intercept all URLs dispatcherservletregistration.addmapping ("/");        Handling garbled filter Characterencodingfilter filter = new Characterencodingfilter ();        Filter.setencoding ("UTF-8"); Filterregistration.dynamic characterencodingfilterregistration = Container.addfilter ("CharacterEncodingFilter",        Filter); Characterencodingfilterregistration.addmappingforurlpatterns (Enumset.of (Dispatchertype.request, DispatcheRtype.forward), False, "/*");        Note Driver class Annotationconfigwebapplicationcontext Rootcontext = new Annotationconfigwebapplicationcontext ();        Rootcontext.register (Springmvcconfig.class); This is the equivalent of Web. XML Listener/*<listener> <listener-class>org.springframework.web.context.contextloade Rlistener</listener-class> </listener> * * Container.addlistener (new Contextloaderliste    NER (Rootcontext)); }}


@Configuration//This class contains Bean DEFINITIONS@ENABLEWEBMVC//Same as <mvc:annotation-driven/> @ComponentS Can (Basepackages = {"Com.mike.small"}) public class Springmvcconfig extends Webmvcconfigureradapter {@Override publi c void Addresourcehandlers (Resourcehandlerregistry registry) {//DECLARE static resources Registry.addresou    Rcehandler ("/static/**"). Addresourcelocations ("/static/"); } @Bean Public Internalresourceviewresolver viewresolver () {//view resolver Internalresourceview        Resolver Resolver = new Internalresourceviewresolver ();        Resolver.setprefix ("/web-inf/jsp/");        Resolver.setsuffix (". jsp");    return resolver; } @Bean Public Commonsmultipartresolver multipartresolver () {Commonsmultipartresolver multipartresolver        = new Commonsmultipartresolver ();        Multipartresolver.setmaxuploadsize (104857600);    return multipartresolver; }}


SPRINGMVC Construction of the project, there is no integration of the persistence layer framework (Java Config configuration vs. xml configuration)

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