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The Query Designer and Toad for Oracle, which used SQL Server 2000 before, have the ability to format SQL statements, which is very handy, especially for those of me with mild obsessive-compulsive disorder. When I recently upgraded SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to version R2, there were no formatting features, and none of the previous 2005 and 2008, we didn't know what Microsoft was thinking. So just want to find a can format code in SSMS plug-in, search to search for a lot of people recommended SQL pretty Printer artifact, and then came to download the test, the use of the results are very satisfied with, the following talk about SQL pretty Printer add-in for Use it in SSMs.

1, first download the installation program, here, the download is completed directly after the installation can be, there is nothing to say.

2. After the installation is complete, re-open ssms and you will see such as:


3. Format Selected SQL

This function is mainly to format the SQL statement selected in the current window, only the SQL statement to be formatted before you can use this feature.

4. Fromat All SQL

This function is mainly to format all the SQL statements in the current window.

SQL pretty printer good SQL Format tool

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