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first, write it in front.

SQL prompt is a SQL Server and VS plug-in that has the SQL Smart hint feature. SQL prompt can be retrieved automatically based on the object name, syntax, and user-written code snippets of the database, intelligently providing the user with the only appropriate code choice. Automatic scripting gives users simple code legibility-especially useful when developers are using scripts that are unfamiliar to them. SQL prompt smart hints and their formatting are very handy.

Free: http://www.jb51.net/database/201355.html

two. Download SQL Prompt, a compressed package with three files in it

Free sign-in points: http://www.jb51.net/database/201355.html

1) After the download is complete, unzip to get the following three items. One is registered tutorial doc, one is keygen keygen, one is the official original installation package V5.3.4.1.

2. Install SQL Prompt

1) Run Sqlprompt_5.3.4.1.exe, all the way next until the installation is complete.

SQL prompt provides three features, and what we care about most is SQL Prmopt, edit and explore SQL effortlessly

2) Open SQL Server R2 on the toolbar, click SQL Prompt 5

3) Open the Sql.prompt.keygen.5.3.exe and copy the serial number to the window just now

4) Then click Activate, notice to break the network first, wait for a network error will be prompted, and then click Activate manually (offline registration)

5) Copy the code into the text box in the middle of the register to generate the corresponding code

6) Copy the generated code to the text box on the right and click Finish

7) Crack success!!

three. SQL prompt-assisted writing SQL in SQL Server

Note: SQL prompt also supports SQL Server 2005, and my own environment is SQL Server R2.

1) Smart Tips

The smart tips for SQL prompt are very sensitive, much better than the R2 comes with. When entering a keyword, even if you enter lowercase, it will automatically convert you to uppercase (in fact all SQL keyword capitalization is a more canonical way of writing), do not need to write the keyword and the normal word back and forth to switch the CAPS LOCK key.

In addition to the Code intelligence hints, it also provides smart hints for table definitions. Maybe you have a big table, but some fields you can't remember clearly, you don't have to go to Server Explorer on the left side of SQL Server to see the table structure.

2) SQL code formatting

Before formatting:

123456789Ten One A - - the - - - + - + A at - - - - CREATE DATABASE TestGOUSE TestGO CREATE TABLE Employees(Id INT IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY,EmployeeName NVARCHAR(100),EntryDate DATE) GO CREATE TABLE Users(Id INT IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY,UserName NVARCHAR(100),Gender CHAR(1),Birhdate DATETIME,EmployeeId int)GO  SELECT u.UserName, e.EmployeeName FROM dbo.Users uINNER JOIN dbo.Employees e ON e.Id = u.EmployeeId

After formatting:

123456789Ten One A - - the - - - + - + A at - - - - - in - CREATE DATABASE TestGOUSE TestGO CREATE TABLE Employees  (   Id INT IDENTITY      PRIMARY KEY ,   EmployeeName NVARCHAR(100) ,   EntryDate DATE  ) GO CREATE TABLE Users  (   Id INT IDENTITY      PRIMARY KEY ,   UserName NVARCHAR(100) ,   Gender CHAR(1) ,   Birhdate DATETIME ,   EmployeeId INT  )GO SELECT u.UserName ,    e.EmployeeNameFROM  dbo.Users u    INNER JOIN dbo.Employees e ON e.Id = u.EmployeeId

If you write a large segment of stored procedures or try, using SQL prompt formatting can save us a lot of time.

If your SQL is version 2012, this tool does not support formatting features, you can download the patch directly installed on the line, the installation will automatically close the database, so be sure to save the good data: Patch connection: http://download.red-gate.com/EAP/ Sqlprompt64beta/sqlprompt64beta.zip

I hope that you Daniel give guidance, inappropriate to accept learning! Thank you!

SQL programming tools--sql prompt download and install hack graphics tutorial

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