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Having done a program these days, VS 2005 SQL Server Express, look closely at the documentation and discover how SQL Server Express supports XCOPY deployment, that is, as long as the target computer has SQL Server Express, you only need to put the data Library copy in the past, you can configure the AttachDbFileName parameter in the same directory of the program, and then in the connection string. The database is automatically hooked up to SQL Server Express and automatically deattch after it finishes running. It feels good, tiger. An error occurred: "The database has been compressed, cannot be established, and needs to be decompressed." When did you compress it? Is it a question of shinrk? Engaged for n hours, without solution, to sleep.
The next day to fight again, access to data without solution, access to the Internet without solution, want to give up, and reluctant. Inadvertently found that in the management interface Attach database is actually this error, and in the original directory of the database is not a problem. Copying the database to the program directory (on the D: disk, SQL Server Express installed on the C: disk) will make an error. That's not the problem, is it?
Move the program directory to the C drive, everything is fine, and then completely dizzy. Is the automatic hook up database must be in C drive???
Also, if the database file is set to read-only, it can be hooked up to a read-only database, regardless of the disk.
Although solve the problem, but do not understand the principle, is a Bug, or my system problems?
In fact, Sybase's SQL Anywhere is really good, start the database when the database management system, the system runs the end, the database management system automatically end, if SQL Server Express also support this function is good, I don't like it. There is also a SQL Server service running when the database is not used. Access even stored procedures are not supported, Microsoft, want to say love you is not easy.

http://www.bkjia.com/PHPjc/631007.html www.bkjia.com true http://www.bkjia.com/PHPjc/631007.html techarticle these days did a program, VS 2005 SQL Server Express, carefully review the documentation and discover how SQL Server Express supports XCOPY deployment, that is, as long as the target computer has SQL ...

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