SQL server2008 insert row times error: Invalid value for cell

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In SQL server2008, you want to insert a record in the Student information table, but it is always unsuccessful, as follows:

At first I always thought it was the data type inconsistency, so I checked the seventh property of the T_userinfo table many times, that is, the Department property, and never found anything. Later on the online search, found that many people have encountered similar problems, but there is no suitable solution. In their own tinkering for a long time, decided to consult others, in fact, some things to ask others do not have to waste that person for many hours, there is no need for that person to help you solve the problem. Consult the main purpose is to allow their brains to inject new blood, there is a new way of thinking, whether right or wrong is not important, like rice teacher said 16-dimensional space, I need only in their own point of view can not go on, with the small partners exchange a different angle.

In the process of discussion found that I suddenly thought of the relationship between the table, most Baidu know that the questioner is only for a table of questions, but the problem appears in many of the related issues of the table. In the computer room charge system, student information table t_studentinfo and Cardid field is a foreign key, is associated with the card information table T_cardinfo primary key, because Cardid can not be empty, so before you add the Student information table, the record in the card information.

Then there is a small detail that deletes half of the incomplete information in the student's information before adding the card information sheet record. If you can't, you can first press ESC to cancel typing, then delete, and then add card information and student information at once.

I believe that many great gods have solved this problem, but no one has shared it, and it may be that my search is imperfect and I share my experience.

SQL server2008 insert row times error: Invalid value for cell

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