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SQL2005 Express's gone. Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer

The SQL2005 is divided into five versions, as listed below:
1.Enterprise (Enterprise Edition)
2.Development (development version)
3.Workgroup, (Working Group edition)
4.Standard, (Standard Edition)
5.Express. (Well, let's call it a simple version)

Which edition should we use in these editions? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by many beginners and SQL2005.

Simply compare the three versions of Enterprise, Development and Express: Functional, Enterprise and Development. The difference between the two, in addition to the different mandates, the main difference is:

The Enterprise version of the database engine can only be installed in Win2003server (or other server).

If you want to install in Windows XPPro system, you should install the SQL2005 Development version (development version).

Note: Someone asked what is the "database engine." Well, database engine is the core of SQL2005, is the main database management function module. Without it, it is not a database management system.

Many people download the SQL2005 Express version, because it is free and can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft website. However, in addition to supporting less memory, the main thing is that it lacks the equivalent of SQL2000 "Enterprise Manager" and "Query Analyzer."

Note: the "Enterprise Manager" and "Query Analyzer" SQL2000 under the SQL2005 have been combined into one, called Management Studio.

So if you are a beginner, if you just want to learn at home, if your environment is Windows XPPro, then, you should choose SQL2005 Development (development version), not SQL2005 Enterprise (Enterprise Edition) or SQL2005 Express (simple version).

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