[SQLite] SQLite URI Configuration

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Get rid of novice documents using SQLAlchemy to configure SQLite, only to find that the URI of SQLite is a bit special.


#Unix/mac-4 initial slashes in totalengine = Create_engine (' sqlite:////absolute/path/to/foo.db ') #Windowsengine = Create_engine (' sqlite:///c:\\path\\to\\foo.db ') #Windows alternative using raw Stringengine = Create_engine (R ' SQLite :///c:\path\to\foo.db ')

Note Windows under SQLite is a three-way bar. Because the more common is the configuration document under Linux, it is easy to misunderstand the normal configuration is the four-bar. The actual URI format should be sqlite:///{$path}.

If the slash is wrong, it will error: unable to open the SQLite database file

[SQLite] SQLite URI Configuration

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