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NTP (Network Time Protocol) is by David L. professor Mills proposed in 1985 that in addition to estimating the round-trip latency of packets on the network, it can also independently estimate the Computer Clock Deviation, so as to achieve high precision computer calibration on the network, it is a communication protocol designed to enable different machines to maintain the same time on the Internet. A Time Server is a type of server that uses NTP. It enables machines on the network to maintain time synchronization. In most cases, NTP provides a 1-50 ms reliable synchronization time source and network working path.

A detailed description of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) is in RFC-1305 [Mills 1992. The RFC-1305 gives a clear description of NTP protocols in terms of events, States, Transition Functions and behaviors. It uses the appropriateAlgorithmTo improve the accuracy of the clock and reduce multiple errors caused by synchronization sources, the time service with lower accuracy than milliseconds is implemented to meet the current Internet path measurement needs.

NTP. API. bzIt is a group of NTP server clusters with six servers located at Shanghai Telecom. This service is the second free API service for API. BZ following the free SMS sending interface of mobile mail.

Client settings:

1. the Linux server can use the ntpdate command to synchronize with the time server (if NTP software is not installed, centos can use the "yum install NTP" command to install it ):

/Usr/sbin/ntpdate NTP. API. bz

If you want to regularly execute ntpdate for time synchronization, you can use crontab: crontab-e

Enter the following content to synchronize the time every 19th minutes: 19 */usr/sbin/ntpdate NTP. API. bz

2. For Windows servers or PCs, double-click the time in the lower-right corner of the screen and follow the settings:

Click "Update Now" to update the time immediately. The response speed and success rate are much higher than the original

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