Stable Google keyword optimization ranking method

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First, adjust the internal quality of the website as the search engine changes

This is also called a search engine algorithm. How does a search engine algorithm capture information? Many webmasters may say that they really want to study search engines. In fact, this is not the case. The so-called search engine algorithm is used to capture information about the factors that search engines capture websites, before each adjustment, the search engine will have a series of reflections, some of which are a sudden decline in the ranking of a group of stable websites for a long time, or a significant increase or decrease in the number of website records, A large increase in external links and other factors can capture search engine adjustments. In this way, the website structure is better adapted to the search engine.

Second, update and add website text

Website text updates are also called website page updates and adjustments, that is, some minor adjustments to existing webpages, specific content includes some to be modified, some previously not optimized, some over-optimized, incorrect characters, incorrect section division, and incorrect format. These are called text modifications. Add text to add a page. For example, if there is no enterprise honor in the website, add an enterprise honor to the webmaster. These changes can better attract search engines to access the website. So as to better maintain the existing ranking of the website.

Third, website map update

A website map is guided by a search engine spider. A website map update task is performed only after the website is changed. It is to tell the search engine that the website has been changed, it makes it easier for search engines to access websites, which is also necessary to stabilize existing rankings.

Fourth, add external links

Adding external links does not mean posting to some junk websites and increasing the external performance of websites. Releasing a link to a spam website does not play a positive role, but is counterproductive. This refers to submitting articles or technical parameters to high-quality webmasters, professional forums, and professional portals to increase the external performance of the website.

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