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has done the website the friend all knows, chooses a suitable, the stable server, is establishes a good website the important premise. In the selection of servers, the general IDC operators will put forward a number of recommendations: the purchase of VPS (virtual dedicated server), the purchase of servers hosted to IDC room, directly with the IDC operator rental server or choose to buy cloud server.

However, for so many choices, many customers tend to server hosting, server leasing, exclusive bandwidth, VPS rental, virtual host, Cloud server concepts are not very understanding, do not know how to choose the IDC business, some blindly pursuit of quality, choose a higher cost of the package, but waste resources, not necessary, Also some customers blindly save money, not according to their actual needs of the company to choose. Here are a few comparisons and evaluations for these different scenarios.


VPS (Virtual Private server) technology, a server into a number of virtual exclusive server services. VPS Server for short VPS, also known as VPS host. VPS Host is a virtual host through virtualization technology, virtualization is an abstraction layer, it separates physical hardware from the operating system, thus providing higher it resource utilization and flexibility. These VPS servers share hardware, software licenses, and management resources to maximize efficiency. Each VPS can be allocated independent public network IP address, independent operating system, independent space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, independent execution program and independent system configuration, etc., for users and applications to simulate the "exclusive" use of computing resources experience. VPS can be like stand-alone server, reinstall the operating system, install programs, restart the server alone. VPS provide users with the freedom to manage configuration, can be used for enterprise virtualization, can also be used for IDC resource leasing.

Different VPS Vendors Use the hardware VPS software differences, and sales strategy, the use of the experience of the VPS also has a big difference. In particular, VPS vendors oversold, resulting in the physical server overload, VPS performance will be greatly affected. In contrast, container technology is more efficient than virtual machine technology hardware, more easily oversold, so generally speaking, container VPS prices are higher than the virtual machine VPS price.

Currently the most used virtualization technology is Xen, OpenVZ, Hyper-v,vmware, etc., where Hyper-V is Microsoft's own virtualization technology, can only run on Windows, that is, the general purchase of Windows System VPS, it is likely to be hyper-V. Some of VMware's smaller host chambers are used, running Windows or Linux. OpenVZ is an operating system based virtualization technology, it runs almost as efficiently as the real machine (entity server), OpenVZ cheap, very easy to be oversold (the host has 16G of memory, but the VPS out of 20 1G of memory is sold; and the 20 VPS shows 1G memory, This is the Super sale). Xen virtual system is very similar to the real machine, there is swap, you can run PPTP VPN, not easy to sell. The Vps,xen performance of the same configuration is obviously better than that of OpenVZ.

The main advantage of VPS is that the price is cheap. The disadvantage is low performance and poor security.

  Server Lease

Server leasing means that users do not need to buy their own servers, just according to the needs of the business, put forward the requirements of hardware configuration. The host server is configured by IDC service provider. The user takes the way of renting, installs the corresponding system software and the application software to realize the exclusive dedicated High-performance server for the user, realizes all network service function, the user's initial investment reduces, can more monographs in own business research and development. Users can install the operating system and the corresponding application software, and completely self-management, but also by the company on behalf of the user installation system, application software, free server monitoring services. Users can rent, annual rent, monthly rent without a deposit, the annual rental of property rights.

The advantages of renting a server is convenient and low-cost, we know that most of the server bought after the system and software installed, after debugging through the final still to be put to IDC room, then, directly rented IDC Engine Room server is relatively more convenient, because after all, save the transport link, If the computer room is not far from the user's location that is very good to do, their own drive or ride in the past can, but if the IDC room is very far from the user location, shipped in the past is usually very troublesome, at this time, leasing is a good way, even if not a good way, but also In particular, the southwest region and the northwest of the computer room resources are very few, those areas of users use their own server to host the way it is really better to rent directly.

However, the rental room of the server also has its shortcomings: most of the users can not see their rented server is what looks like, some more honest operators will truthfully tell customers what they rented the server is what brand, what type. However, there will be a very small number of IDC using their own assembled server as a rental business use in order to reduce costs, so can provide users is the simple server configuration information, as to what brand of motherboards or even motherboard chip is what, these are users remote Management Server can be seen.

  Server Hosting

Server hosting refers to the customer to buy their own servers, and then submitted through IDC (host) to the computer room for management and maintenance, the server's ownership and use of rights are owned by customers, only to pay the management costs. In the case of server hosting, if the hardware and other problems, the room is generally not responsible for maintenance, customers need to deal with themselves.

Server hosting benefits from strong autonomy and full control over the server. With the reduction of server costs, most of the professional and large customers tend to purchase their own equipment and then take the way of hosting, because the use of their own way to assemble a server, or even half of the new accessories half of the second-hand parts assembled by the price is actually not too high , want high-performance users can come up with enough money to buy a higher configuration of products, some brand-oriented and stable users can also directly buy the first-line manufacturers brand servers. In addition, some users may have to use a more specific operating system and software, or the need to replicate a large number of data to the server's hard disk, these operations remote control of the computer room servers are not very convenient, generally debugging or copying to take to the computer room hosting.

In general, server hosting can choose their own configuration and installation software, in hardware procurement more advantages, but need to have professional management maintenance, and server rental is more flexible, no hardware costs, maintenance is also more worry. For the distance from the computer room, you can choose to rent a server, save the commuting. If not very far from the computer room, it is best to buy the server and then put the computer room hosting.

  Cloud Server

Cloud Server (Elastic Compute service, referred to as ECS) is a flexible and scalable computing service, which is more simple and efficient to manage than a physical server. Cloud servers provide resilient cloud technology to adjust cloud host configuration, consolidate computing, storage, and network resource IaaS services, and have cloud host leasing services on demand and on-demand pay-as-you-go capabilities. There is a great improvement in flexibility, controllability, scalability and resource reusability.

Cloud server services include two core products: Cloud Server leasing Service for SME users and high-end users, and flexible computing platform services for large and medium sized Internet users.

Each cluster node of the cloud server platform is deployed in the backbone data center of the Internet, which can provide computing, storage, online backup, hosting, bandwidth and other Internet infrastructure services independently.

The cloud server is suitable for users who focus on the cost-performance of the host service, users who need rapid implementation of distributed deployments, users who have a need for flexible scalability of the business, users with high system availability and rapid recovery requirements, and so on.

Compared with VPS, Cloud server realizes complete isolation between cloud hosts; built-in redundant shared storage and intelligent backup, physical server failure can be automatically restored within minutes; The service environment is deployed by high-end server, and centralized management and monitoring are adopted to ensure business stability and reliability. In general, cloud server overall performance is much higher than the VPS, stronger than some stand-alone servers.

It should be said that the cloud host rental business is currently a more popular IDC services, is also the future of the development potential of a similar virtual machine rental business, relative to the purchase of their own servers, cloud host business is not only cheaper, but also has the advantages of server leasing, and relative to the traditional server rental and virtual hosting, The general configuration of cloud host is relatively high, the server that rents this kind of configuration separately is too expensive, but the way that uses cloud host is more economical.


For how to select a VPS, leased server, managed server, cloud server, here are some summary:

1.VPS: Suitable for small companies, dynamic website, the page is not particularly large, the number of visits is not particularly big site;

2. Server leasing: Suitable for small and medium-sized companies, e-commerce sites or large forums, the site daily traffic is very large;

3. Server hosting: Suitable for large companies, their own purchase of the server, need to be hosted in the professional IDC room;

4. Cloud server: Suitable for the development of companies, there are large concurrency, dynamic adjustment of the frequent demand of the site.

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