Standard Nvidia dual graphics notebook model dual graphics card switching method

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Operation Steps:

Applicable graphics: Nvidia dual graphics machine

Applicable system: Windows 7

The first video card hardware switch machine, please refer to the manual, to determine the card switch in the open position, and the correct installation of the video card driver, see the following Turielle switch dual graphics function:

Special NOTE: If the switch is turned on or installed after the normal use of dual graphics card switching function, please follow the instructions in the BIOS section, find the dual-card switching options and determine that has been opened.

How to set up the full use of independent video card when running 3D program

1. Click Start, enter "Control Panel", "Hardware and sound", "Nvidia control Panel" in turn;

2. Under the 3D Settings menu, under Manage 3D settings, select Global Settings, and then select the High-performance nvidia processor in the preferred graphics processor Pull-down menu to click Apply.

Second, for the individual program video card settings

1. Click Start, enter "Control Panel", "Hardware and sound", "Nvidia control Panel" in turn;

2. Click "Manage 3D Settings" under the "3D Settings" menu, under View, select ' Add ' to the context menu ' with graphics processor ' and select ' High performance Nvidia processor ' in the ' Select Preferred graphics processor for this program ' drop-down menu under Program settings, click Apply.

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