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Open your browser and the webpage you browsed last Friday is still there. There are two pages related to PSP games. Last week, I did ...... I am so lazy ......

I thought several times: What should I do when I leave here? But no matter what you do, you must be able to support yourself first. There is not enough money in hand, that is, it is still necessary to repeat the old business. After dropping it for so long, I am not sure if I can enter the status immediately.

■ So should we pick up the previous knowledge again ......

Now, I don't feel the significance of my job-for myself. There is only one reason to stay here to work: Don't embarrass someone. To achieve this, I need to make some achievements, and it is best to take over the work after I leave, the people who take over do not need to start from scratch, it is easier to do my jobs well.

My family has already thought about it. If they are so enthusiastic about me before I come here, the point is that I am able to manage my jobs here to get a higher salary and benefit them, then I may disappoint them again. One is that I don't have to respond to such an unmotivated expectation. The other is that the environment here is clear. I think, that's not possible-whether it's the opportunity provided by the environment or my own will, because I know what it means to be a manager here, and what I don't want to do in any way.

■ Therefore, in addition to making achievements, it is also necessary to build an environment that makes subsequent work easier.

Then you can go away.

So from today on, we will start with these two points.

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