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Mo June: There is no single and unified answer to the design, flattening is just one of thousands of design forms. With more people, it seems to be a trend. According to the question of the Lord, we may try to present the process of production to help understand.

Now, click on PowerPoint, after a few seconds of silence, a blank world is about to unfold.

Before we start, we have to think about a few things:

What am I going to do?—— that is to determine the subject-a flat Chinese ppt;

Content?—— with the production of flat Chinese PPT related to everything;

Thinking?—— a line down, whether it can be clear?

Color?—— warm, cold, black and white, colorful, primary color, auxiliary color?

What's the size?—— the height of the 4:3?16:9?

The effect?—— read you will understand ~

PPT is the simplest and most direct and effective way of thinking that we need to express the content of the logical arrangement of a certain demonstration, presented in the form of visual (and, if necessary, audio-visual bonding). But it must be remembered that hearing is also a very important part, because the audience is watching and listening to your story. With proper coordination, they will add points to each other.

OK, word chatter finished, get to the point.

The first step, knock on this ppt name: "How to make flat ppt?"

This ppt is about the flat-related things, then I hope that visual presentation is flat, in order to achieve the unity of form and content.

Since it is flat, then do not consider too solid things.

But the sense of space, also not so hard-hearted to completely abandon it, we can still be friendly.

In general, I do ppt default font is Microsoft, relatively general, as a non liner font is also more concise.

Since it is flat, the font should not be too complicated. Attached: "Super practical!" What are the lively and high-end and not threadbare Chinese fonts?

Then start thinking about the color of the text. In fact, this should be considered with the background.

In short, it's a tangled process.

If you want to "flatten the design concept" into the PPT production, then we first have to "flat" a little understanding, is the so-called theory and practice of the Union. Many times we do not know the concept itself, because the concept is not immutable, beyond a certain range may be false, but in order to facilitate the memory and interpretation, we will use some key words to mark it.

As shown above, I chose the three keywords "two-dimensional, abstract, concise" and used graphics and background. When the color of the background itself is less interference with the color block, we can try to add a bit of transparency effect.

PS: These three keywords are only indicative, not absolute, welcome to explore.

Then, in our "Flat design concept" has a certain understanding, what can be used to achieve the "flat" effect?

To subdivide really can say a lot of, in order to avoid information overload and cause dizziness symptoms, we will text information also make a large simplification, pick the focus of a few talk about.


We can from the above three aspects to guide the production process of PPT and test to see whether the final effect is consistent or deviation.

Each aspect uses the same color, the different color value big color block to differentiate, (incidentally also) has the certain gradient effect.

ppt Save as a picture after the word is not clear, embarrassed, now the text content to repeat as follows.

  Coherence of content

The content of the whole PPT is reasonable and logical, and the person demonstrating the PPT is very clear about what they need to express, who to express, and how to express it.

  The ease of seeing and hearing

Not only vision, but also hearing, each small detail biased, it is possible to disrupt the audience's good impression of the whole PPT.

  The flat design

Give up the three-dimensional, boy! Remember, at this moment, you live in the two-dimensional world, lie down, take a deep breath, and make everything return to simplicity, less is more.

Since our subject is design, so the others do not unfold.


Why in the color part of the "Dot Line surface composition"?

Because in the production we have to face the PPT of this plane, and its deconstruction and re-creation. In the flat design, color blocks are very important components, they can be transformed into points, lines, faces, constitute a pattern, propped up the entire plane.

  Dot Line Surface composition

Each symbol, line, and color distribution in a PPT is flattened into a flat space, if they make a strange move ...

  Color block is the key

The key to flattening is the color block, note that the best use of solid color, less gradient. The color block itself has the properties of the surface, to be able to partition space, try to let different color block to lead you into the new world of the door ~

PS: Here the "less gradient" means to use less gradient in the middle with the transition color, rather than a gradient combined by a distinct color block. Reason: 1, the gradient has a certain stereoscopic visual effect; 2, the gradient with good also nothing, bad looks will be very low, damaging beauty (= = #).


In word processing, we have only one requirement: unity.

  The Unification of fonts

Do not use too many fonts in the same ppt, 2-3 is enough; remember, less italic! Look at it!

  The unification of the font size

Title, subtitle, body content, all set a uniform font size, you need to highlight the exception, but, as little as possible.

  The unification of the word color

Too spend on the loss of focus, the more want to highlight instead of the more submerged, the flower element collocation proper looks just delicious yo ~

Give me a hot chestnut:

The font of this ppt--Microsoft Ya-hei

The size of the PPT--title 40th, content 10th word

The character color--r255,g255,b255 of PPT

The purpose of unification is to make the picture refreshing, so that information can be presented in the most effective way and communicated to the audience quickly to avoid unnecessary interference.


PPT used in the picture mainly divided into two types: background, content map (necessary illustrations, charts, etc.), used as a background map, in order to avoid information redundancy, we can be fuzzy processing, thus highlighting the text information. If it is a content map, the relatively good treatment of leaflets, once the number of pictures is not good arrangement will be very messy.

There is also a point to note that in the presentation of multiple pictures, the overall tone of the grasp is also very important. You can play with a color bump and play with a gradient, as long as it doesn't look too scary.

  Fuzzy processing of

Not to highlight the purpose of the scene, mainly as the atmosphere of the rendering, can be used in the fuzzy or virtual processing mode.

  Dotou columns neatly

When the picture is greater than or equal to two, arrange the position of each picture, code neat, disorderly put really will be dazzled!

Sometimes we will also give pictures (in fact, text and pictures are) play to add some animation effect, set a certain motion path, in order to make the flow of visual efficiency often need to repeatedly debug, very test patience. So some people like to use Flash to do ppt ... (You are enough)

In fact, the flat design is very early, the roots can go to the abstract, the Bauhaus even more distant before.

But why does it make people feel like a new thing?

1, people unfamiliar with the new term;

2, people know very little about history (including my history idiot);

3, such as Win8, iOS7, such as the public more familiar with the operating system interface has adopted this design method, let it be accustomed to the image of the design of people feel refreshing, coupled with their influence in the design industry, helped push the flat design trend, so that gradually become a trend. And the tide, as if always new.

Things have gone through a lot of evolution from the very beginning to the present. It radiates vitality through constant self-regulation. I believe that flat design will continue to evolve, evolution, in the efforts of countless designers to explore more new ideas.

Finally, in the "flat design" of the term itself there is a controversial situation to talk about how to achieve flat, always feel a little hanging, but incredibly also ramble to say so much (cover the face).

Plainly, actually do PPT is a typesetting process.

Although I'm not a designer or an editor. I am an alien who is staying on earth.:-P

  Save the font

PPT to others fear the font to change it? The first step: click on the top left "file", the following figure:

Step Two: Click on the lower left "options", the following figure:

The third step: click "save" → "embed the font in the file" This option to √→ choose the embedding method → Click "OK", the following figure:

General selection of the first embedding method can be, the second way will make the file becomes larger, mainly to see your needs ~

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