Start shell (Perl, Python, Ruby, bean shell, groovy) in several dynamic languages in Emacs)

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(Defun Python-shell ()
"Make a python shell"
(Switch-to-buffer (make-comint "Python" "Python" nil "-I ")))
(Defun groovy-shell ()
"Make a groovy shell"
(Switch-to-buffer (make-comint "groovy" "policysh" Nil )))
(Defun Perl-shell ()
"Make a Perl dB shell"
(Switch-to-buffer (make-comint "Perl" "Perl" nil "-d-e ''")))
(Require 'Ruby-mode)
(Require 'inf-Ruby)
(Require 'jde)

If you are an Emacs user, These customizations are quite necessary ..
No shell control capability
Compared with the comint of Emacs ~ (Think about Emacs's built-in search, mark system, and macro system)
Not only PERL/Python/xxxx, but this method can be used to easily edit strong Emacs texts.
Function is applied to any interactive shell.

In addition, I am nagging about the following:
Through use, I think the python-shell performance is the best (after adding-I)
The second is run-Ruby in the INF-Ruby module.
The most beloved Perl, with no built-in shell, can only be replaced by PDB,
In this way, the value of the expression is not as fierce as the first two, so it is the third ~

The fourth place is jde-bsh-run. (Print (X) is used to print every line)
The last one is the famous groovy, because every time after go, all bindings
Bean shell is also disgusting ~~~

These shells feel inferior to Erlang. El .. But because small e is not very red,
Don't mention her.

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