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I recently started to learn Swift. I will expect it to be developed for Mac and iOS later. I used to learn OC halfway. The main reason is that OC and other syntaxes can be adapted. Now I have swift and JS syntaxes, scala, Python, C ++, OC and other language shadows. Start learning again! The goal is to thoroughly develop iOS and Mac this year.

1. The official API is always the most authoritative. You can view it directly in iBook. For Mac and iPad, you can search swift directly in iBook store. There are two books in English, I personally feel that it is easier to understand than reading the translation below. Just take a look at it on the iPad.

II,The swift programming language Chinese edition thanks to those who have translated it. Chinese developers completed the Chinese version of swift language within nine days.

Iii. Swift programming language data collection: a collection of swift learning materials from csdn.

Iv. Swift Special Journal: a collection of swift learning materials from cainiao weekly

V. Swift programming Introduction: learning materials from Baidu.

6. flappyswift is an open-source Flappy Bird game rewritten with SWIFT. Flappyswift

7. Swift-2048: A 2048 game implemented by SWIFT.

Http:// site to learn about SWIFT, which includes some videos and some examples.

9. Apple swift programming language tutorial

10. Focus on SWIFT code sharing good websites

11. Swift practice project-roll the dice link: password: hfxi

12. Search for swift on GitHub. There are already 1686 projects, but the quality is not high. It is recommended to check with large companies.

Thank you for your attention !! Some of the above are found on the Internet. Learning SWIFT is a good plan.

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