Step 10: become a professional iOS developer-start from scratch, ios developer

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Step 10: become a professional iOS developer-start from scratch, ios developer

Would you like to share a piece of cake with the mobile development dinner to experience the hottest and most dazzling technology? Young man, very insightful

There is no doubt that mobile development will be a peak in the present and future years. Countless development jobs are waiting. Major companies are looking for programmers at various levels-novice, entry-level, intermediate, veteran, and expert. This article is intended for beginners-I will help you find your first iOS development job.

"Why do I listen to you ?",

You may say that. It is a problem-if it is a cainiao who gives advice, it would not be the best.
I am not a great player or even a very experienced iOS developer-but I am familiar with the market and can help you.

At first, I was an independent developer and had a few low-income applications (but it was enough for me to concentrate on development. After that, I joined a company as a beginner iOS developer, and finally I was able to make applications with all my heart and soul, and I was worried about what to eat tomorrow. If I want to, I can find a company to work for, but it may not be suitable for me-my body is filled with entrepreneurial blood ).

Now, let's do more-how can we become an iOS developer?

1. Buy a Mac (if there is no iPhone, you have to sell a kidney ).

Mac is required for iOS development.

Well, you can actually leave for the second place (for example, hackathon, or Mac In Cloud), but I am so bitter-for iOS developers, Mac will be your main weapon. Generally, you don't need to bleed your blood to buy the latest, fastest, and most expensive device, but you have to have something called Mac. Of course, if you want to buy a better entry-level device, consider Mac Mini, which may be the most cost-effective. If you are pursuing portability like me, buy Air, especially its big screen version. We don't have to buy new products either, and it's okay to build a second-hand product from eBay.

2. Install Xcode.

Now, when you have a shiny new Mac (good second-hand products are similar to the new ones), the next step is to install [Xcode, it is the most important software for iOS developers. Xcode is the IDE for iOS Application Development (integrated development environment ). It is free, and you can download it directly from the Mac App Store. Go down now. Don't get it done!

In Xcode, you will write code, edit code, "Draw" applications in storyboard, and perform unit tests. You also need to use Xcode to upload the application to the App Store. You have to familiarize yourself with it as much as possible because it is the most important software for every iOS developer.

3. learn the basics of programming (which may be the most difficult ).

Now we may have the most difficult step-you need to start programming directly. If you have a certain programming foundation, you can pick one of Objective-C (difficult) and Swift (simple, it's probably not that tangled-they are basically standard object-oriented programming languages. But if you haven't written a line of code, don't worry-there are two pure novice welfare resources:

4. Follow the tutorial to draw a gourd

Starting from this step, you finally have to do something useful. Look at these websites:

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  • 27 places to learn iOS development. Best ones.: not only for beginners.

Keep following the tutorials to learn the application until you feel familiar with using Xcode and programming languages (your chosen Objective-C or Swift. At this time, we will continue to move forward --

5. Develop your own applications

OK. We are getting into the status more and more. Now, you have to develop your own applications, which will become a magic weapon for your future interview.

Don't be afraid! It's not for you to develop Facebook. I have to start from my junior position, right? In a junior position, you can learn a lot from your colleagues. It is far from useless. You cannot become an expert with five years of experience.

Therefore, you should keep yourself calm and think about what is your best iOS development field.

Maybe you have developed a network-related application? Maybe you have studied UIKit and are very good at complex user interfaces? Or have you ever developed a music player app that prefers iOS audio? You can use your interests and knowledge to develop applications. Write neat, stylish, and well-Running code.

6. During this period, I hope you can learn as much integrated software development knowledge as possible.

You are reading this article, which shows that you are not planning to study computer science in College recently. The good news is! You don't have to go!

You can open your computer at home and learn a lot about computer science, programming, software engineering and other courses.

Of course, this is not comparable to the degree, but it is enough for iOS development alone. Have you seen the image above? Read the text above. I will not hand over the link-information search is one of the most important skills of developers. Start training. Google is your mentor and friend.

7. Complete the application.

You concentrate on learning and developing applications. In this way, several days, weeks, and months have passed ...... You should have a decent application. Application is your resume-you must do your best. We can even say that we are doing our best. What does the company expect from your applications? Here are some suggestions:

  • Well-running applications
  • Clean code
  • Code structure-small classes, appropriate variable names, good file groups in Xcode, etc.
  • Use storyboard (if you can use storyboard and write user interfaces by hand, it will be a bunker)
  • CocoaPods usage
  • Some simple unit tests
  • Use of third-party libraries (for example, some open-source projects on GitHub-this will be a plus, because it is very useful in actual work)

By the way, if you are looking for some cool open-source iOS libraries, read another article:

  • 27 iOS open source libraries to skyrocket your development.: definitely worth a read. Really.

Of course, everything depends on what kind of job you are looking for and what kind of company you are looking for, but in general, learning the above things well is not afraid to go all over the world.

Okay, now you have your own cool apps. Next --

8. Publish an application in the App Store

Well, I have to make it clear that this step is not necessary because it requires a developer account, which costs $99 a year, it is very likely that you will not make enough effort.

Publishing or not, which is a problem ...... It's up to you. However, if it can be successfully released, many companies will regard it as a big plus.

Having your own App in App Store means you are familiar with the App publishing process and Apple's restrictions on apps (quite a bit ), be familiar with the issues required for release outside the application itself (such as application description, keywords, screens, promotional videos, etc ).

You can skip this step, but I strongly recommend that you give it a try (my first job should be found by my App Store ).

9. Upload the application to GitHub.

GitHub is a social networking platform. Its main function is to share the source code (similar to it, but not as popular as GitHub. Another platform is Bitbucket ).

You can upload the source code here (which can be set to public or private), browse other people's code here, and contribute to open-source projects. GitHub is widely used. Even if you have been developing independently, You can benefit a lot from it-you can better organize code and obtain the best possible backup.

But why do you want to upload an application? It's easy to show the source code to your interviewer.

Don't use emails to send code again. It's not 1990s.

10. Contact your favorite company!

Now you are ready to accept the first iOS development job! It may start with an intern or a junior position. It doesn't matter-it's important that you have the ability to find your first job now. It's hard to get started with everything, and it will be okay in the future.

So, prepare your resume, find the company you desire, and develop applications with them!

Now you have some development skills. Before entering your position, you may want to try it as an independent developer, but you do not know what applications to do. Do you need inspiration? Let's take a look at the best iOS apps and game reports every week. This is my first plan-there are all kinds of good apps there, and iOS developers will definitely want to do it!

Maybe you have a cool App in App Store? I plan iOS Apps Weekly every Week, so send me a Twitter private message. Maybe your App is The next round of App of The Week!

If you like this article and want to read more, please click the recommendation button below-this will inspire me to share more things (my thoughts are endless !) You can also follow me on Twitter, and I will often send something about iOS development. Thank you!

Pawe has Bia has ecki (@ pawel_bialecki) | Twitter: Pawe has Bia has ecki (@ pawel_bialecki) The latest Twitter. IOS developers, electric guitar players ......

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