Step 3: Prevent Outlook Express emails from being stolen

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If the user is surfing the Internet in an Internet cafe or using a computer in the office, pay attention to the information security. For example, when a user leaves the computer and another user uses the computer again, if he knows something about the computer, he can operate, view, and delete emails in Outlook Express at will .......
Originally, the "Identity" function of Outlook Express can be used to add, manage, and switch identifiers so that multiple users can keep their emails confidential. if you add a password to the identity, you can also prevent others from seeing their emails. However, all these functions are not as reliable as you think. With a little analysis, Outlook Express will expose its own shortcomings in security.
In Windows XP, the path for saving Outlook Express mail is C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ Application Data \ identities \ {CB880339-6CC6-45B8-9074-6B293AEE3B25. However, note that the email storage paths on different computers are slightly different. The labels created by Outlook Express are a long string of numbers contained in.
If someone else copies the files under the user identity to the folder under the user identity, for example, someone else transfers the user's "inbox. dbx "is copied to his identification folder and overwrites the original file, so that he can see the user's letter in his mailbox, and the user's privacy is easily leaked.
The above is the way for others to copy emails to the user's mailbox. In fact, some people can access the user's mailbox through other methods. For example, you can add a new user, unregister the current user, and log on to Windows as a new user. Then, run Outlook Express and switch the identity. Then, the password box turns gray, now you can browse users' emails at will.
You can use the following settings to prevent the above problems.
① Select Start> All Programs> Outlook Express, open the Outlook Express window, and select Tools> options, the Options dialog box is displayed. In this dialog box, switch to the Maintenance tab.
② Click the button to bring up the storage location dialog box.

③ Click the button to bring up the Browse folder dialog box. In this dialog box, select a hidden save path and click the button.

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