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This article describes how to build a nodejs server on an iPhone. This article provides detailed operation steps and commands. For more information, see 1. compile jxcore for running on ios

The code is as follows:

$ Mkdir ~ /Jxcore
$ Cd ~ /Jxcore
$ Git clone

The code is as follows:

$ Cd ~ /Jxcore

If the module not found of import which occurs, use the following statement to install which of python.

The code is as follows:

Sudo easy_install tools/which-1.1.0-py2.7.egg

If other problems occur, refer to the prerequisites for compiling ios with jxcore and take corresponding measures.

The code is as follows:

* GCC 4.2 or newer (for SpiderMonkey builds 4.7 +)
* Python 2.6 or 2.7
* GNU Make 3.81 or newer
* Libexecinfo (FreeBSD and OpenBSD only)
* For SpiderMonkey: 'Which 'python module (sudo easy_install tools/which-1.1.0-py2.7.egg)

2. install jxcore on mac

The code is as follows:

$ Sudo make install

3. create the cordova program. if cordova is not installed, install it on your own.

The code is as follows:

$ Cordova create hello com. example. hello HelloWorld
$ Cd hello

4. download and install the jxcore-cordova Plugin

The code is as follows:

$ Git clone

Use the template index.html of jxcore-cordovato

The code is as follows:

$ Cp./jxcore-cordova/sample/www/index.html./www/

Copy the jxcore package compiled in step 1 for ios

The code is as follows:

$ Cp-r ~ /Jxcore/out_ios/ios/bin jxcore-cordova/io. jxcore. node/

5. add ios platform for cordova

The code is as follows:

$ Cordova platforms add ios
$ Cordova plugin add jxcore-cordova/io. jxcore. node/
$ Cordova build
$ Cordova run ios

If a build error occurs, "C does not support default arguments"

You only need to remove the default value to solve the problem.


The code is as follows:

JX_SetString (JXValue * value, const char * val, const int32_t length = 0 );


The code is as follows:

JX_SetString (JXValue * value, const char * val, const int32_t length );


6. you can see the running interface of cordova.
7. add nodejs server in Resources/jxcore_app/app. js

Add the following code at the end of app. js:

The code is as follows:

Function getIP (){
Var OS = require ('OS ');
Var nets = OS. networkInterfaces ();
Console. log (nets );
For (var a in nets ){
Var ifaces = nets [a];
For (var o in ifaces ){
If (ifaces [o]. family = "IPv4 "&&! Ifaces [o]. internal) {return ifaces [o]. address ;}
Return null;
Var ip = getIP ();
If (! Ip ){
Console. error ("You shoshould connect to a network! ");

Var http = require ('http ');
Http. createServer (function (req, res ){
Res. writeHead (200 ,{
'Content-type': 'Text/plain'
Var cur_client = "";
If (req. connection & req. connection. remoteAddress ){
Console. log (req. connection. remoteAddress );
Cur_client = req. connection. remoteAddress;
} Else if (req. headers ){
Console. log ("request header X-Forwarded-");
Console. log (req. headers ['X-Forwarded-For ']);
Cur_client = req. headers ['X-Forwarded-For '];
Cordova ('log'). call ('client ('+ cur_client +') come ');
Res. end ('Hello' + cur_client + ', I am server on iphone app (' + ip + ').' + Date. now () + '\ n ');
}). Listen (1337, ip );
Console. log ('server running at http: // '+ ip +': 1337 /');

Run the program to view the iphone ip address in the xcode log information, and then browse the webpage through the webpage.
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